British Gov’t To Make Cigarettes ILLEGAL in the UK

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British government to make smoking illegal in the UK.

The British government has announced plans to make the purchasing of cigarettes illegal in the UK under a draconian new law aimed at controlling the social behaviors of citizens.

MP’s are plotting to ban cigarettes for anyone born after 2009. According to the BBC, the fact that MPs are backing the plans “effectively ensur[es] it will become law.” reports: The ban, known as the Tobacco and Vapes Bill, is being championed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It was met with opposition by several major Tory figures, including former Prime Minister Liz Truss who said it would hinder individual rights. Nevertheless, it was passed by 383 votes to 67.

In defense of the bill, Health Secretary Victoria Atkins told members of Parliament “there is no liberty in addiction” and said they will create a “smoke free generation” with its enforcement.

The “front bench” of the Labour Party voted in favor of the bill in unison, which ensured its passage.

The bill still must obtain votes in the House of Lords in order to get implemented, but it could possibly become law before the general election which is slated to occur toward the end of 2024.

“It is very important that until people have decision-making capability while they are growing up that we protect them but I think the whole idea that we can protect adults from themselves is hugely problematic,” Truss argued.

Former Prime Minister Sir Jake Berry said he was more worried about “the addiction of the government to telling people what to do” than the addiction to cigarettes. “I want to live in a free society where I am free to make both good and bad decisions,” he added.

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