Treasure Hunters Close In On $2Million Confederate Gold

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Treasure Hunters

Treasure hunters have found a sunken old vessel in Lake Michigan that could contain $2million in gold.

The bullions were looted from the Confederate treasury after the American civil war. The treasure was then lost in Lake Michigan after the vessel carrying it fell off a ferry in late 19th century. According to legend the treasure is believed to be on-board a boxcar at the bottom of the lake.

A treasure hunting couple have been searching for the lost bullions for over a year. They came across a 19th Century tug boat shipwrecked near Frankfort. Reports say it contains a safe which is covered in zebra mussels inside a fully intact cabin. The pair believe it could lead them to the loot.

The Daily Mail reports:

Kevin Dykstra and Frederick J. Monroe, who have been searching for the long-lost bullions for a year, claim they have stumbled upon a 19th Century tug boat off of Frankfort, Michigan, with the cabin doors still intact.

There is also a safe on the vessel, and the pair believe there is something hidden inside, and are now trying to pry it open.

In the late 1800s, boxcars were pushed into the water to lighten their cargo.

Treasure Hunters

A story was then passed down through generations that the fortune was still inside one of them.

A deathbed confession George Alexander Abbott, who died in 1921, is said to have revealed the location.

The ship was said to be fully intact cabin and safe was still there.

Monroe was relayed the tale in 1972 and, 40 years later, they believe they are closer than ever to finding the fortune.

He told WZZM 13: ‘I was sitting down and talking to a friend of mine, and all of the sudden he says, “Fred, you’re just the person I want to see with your diving experience. My grandfather told me a story that he heard from a lighthouse keeper, who originally heard it during a deathbed confession, that there’s 2 million dollars of gold bullion inside a box car that fell off a ferry into Lake Michigan”.’

They were out on the water during one their searches when they saw the outline of a boat pop up on their sonar.

Dykstra told the station: ‘I was actually hovering over the bow of the ship, and when I looked down, I could see the windless very clear.

They decided to investigate and plunged into the 37-degree water.Treasure Hunters

It didn’t take long to determine that it was a tug boat, and it was roughly 70 feet in length.

He added: ‘I was actually hovering over the bow of the ship, and when I looked down, I could see the windless very clear.

‘As I looked to the back of the cabin, there was a rear door to the cabin,’ said Dykstra. ‘Just to the left of the rear door was a safe.’

They believe the latest discovery may lead them closer to the lost box cars.


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