Happiest of All Wives in U.S. Are Religious Conservatives – NY Times

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Religious conservatives wives are happiest in all America, NY Times study finds

The happiest of all wives in America are those who are considered “religious conservatives”, according to a New York Times study.

The findings of study predictably sparked a furious backlash from the newspaper’s progressive readers.

A New York Times tweet stated, “It turns out that the happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives, followed by their religious progressive counterparts.”

The report, entitled, “The Ties That Bind: Is Faith a Global Force for Good or Ill in the Family?” from the Institute for Family Studies and the Wheatley Institution, found that women who report above-average satisfaction with their marriages are religious conservative women.

Theblaze.com reports: A portion of the op-ed, which was co-authored by three researchers, stated, “Fully 73 percent of wives who hold conservative gender values and attend religious services regularly with their husbands have high-quality marriages.”

“When it comes to relationship quality, there is a J-curve in women’s marital happiness, with women on the left and the right enjoying higher quality marriages than those in the middle — but especially wives on the right,” the piece continued.

You can read the full report here.

How did people react?

A lot of bitterness and anger.

You can read some of the uglier remarks below.

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