Is THIS The Infamous Loch Ness Monster?

Fact checked

Steve Feltham has spent 24 years of his life searching for the Loch Ness monster, and he now believes is has finally solved the mystery. 

His conclusions after years of research suggests that ‘Nessie’ is in fact a giant cat fish (known as ‘Wels’), that were introduced to the country during Victorian times. reports:

The non-native giant can grow to 13 feet and has an almost sea monster appearance.

Mr Feltham gave up his job, home and girlfriend, to focus on tracking Nessie, but has never had a sighting of anything prehistoric or unknown.

Celebrities who have come looking for the monster during that time included Robbie Williams, Billie Connolly, and Charlie Sheen who reportedly brought a leg of lamb as bate for the creature in 2013.

Now Mr Feltham says he’s convinced the legendary Scottish monster is just a myth.

After seeking the creature and investigating the case for so long, he deduces it’s more likely any reports of a water beast are a very large Wels.

Despite the realisation he was chasing a more mundane explanation, he said: “I certainly don’t regret the last 24 years.”

And he still lives in a caravan on the shore of the lock selling Nessie nick nacks to tourists.

It was long believed there was a mysterious serpent like monster in the lock or a prehistoric plesiosaur had survived the ice age in the inland water and gone on to reproduce.

Will his conclusion kill of the legend once and for all?

Probably not hoax pictures being exposed have failed to do that nor unsuccessful sonar searches.

Plus, the first recorded sighting dates back to the 6th century AD, so how does he account for that, believers will say.

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