MSM Alarmed About Plummeting Fertility Levels: “Scientists Are Baffled”

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Mainstream media alarmed about plummeting fertility levels - scientists baffled.

Mainstream media outlets are finally sounding the alarm on plummeting fertility rates around the globe, stating that the ongoing crisis is ‘baffling’ and a ’cause for concern.’

A new article published by The Wall Street Journal highlighted that the sharp drop in fertility rates since 2020 has left scientists scratching their heads as to the cause.

“Suddenly There Aren’t Enough Babies. The Whole World Is Alarmed,” the WSJ headline states. reports: The article explains the global fertility rate may already be below the point needed to sustain population growth.

Here in America, the fertility rate is lower than it has been in over one hundred years.

Kenneth Johnson, a senior demographer at the University of New Hampshire, explained that if fertility stayed where it was in 2007, around 10.6 million more American babies would have been born.

If you pair that number with the amount of babies aborted during that time period and consider the amount of illegal immigrants who have entered the country in that time, the demographic swing is staggering.

“The demographic winter is coming,” a University of Pennsylvania economist told WSJ.  

The COVID-19 pandemic was credited in the article with plunging fertility, which is noteworthy considering millions of people believe the virus was intentionally released as part of a larger depopulation agenda.

The Covid mRNA jabs are believed to be part of that depopulation agenda as well, with many top doctors, scientists and researchers showing evidence they have killed hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.

Within months of the shots being rolled out, Infowars reported on thousands of women who were seeking advice online about suffering bizarre menstrual issues and even miscarriages after taking the shot or being near someone who was recently jabbed.

Failing to acknowledge the elephant in the room, which is that mankind is being systematically killed by the ruling class, mainstream outlets covering the alarming decline in fertility instead blame factors such as the poor Biden economy.

Of course, the science shows men and women of all economic classes are suffering from low fertility.

Describing some repercussions of falling fertility, WSJ wrote, “As birthrates fall, more regions and communities experience depopulation, with consequences ranging from closed schools to stagnant property values. Less selective colleges will soon struggle to fill classrooms because of the plunge in birthrates that began in 2007, said Fernández-Villaverde. Vance said rural hospitals can’t stay open because of the falling local population.   An economy with fewer children will struggle to finance pensions and healthcare for growing ranks of elderly. “

Those issues will be the least of our worries if this alarming trend continues.

Back in 2010, and long before then, Alex Jones was warning Infowars listeners about a Rockefeller agenda for using “vaccines” to reduce human fertility.

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