Ex Premier League Footballer Blasts BBC For Their Collaboration With Corrupt UK Govt Over Covid

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Matt Le Tissier

Ex-Premier League footballer Matt Le Tissier, who has been extremely critical about covid restrictions, vaccines mandates and lockdowns, delivered a powerful speech in front of the BBC on February 12.

In front of a cheering crowd, the former England and Southampton FC star shamed the broadcaster for their collaboration with the UK’s corrupt government in regard to the injuring and killing of innocent people with experimental ‘covid vaccines’.

Le Tissier, who has been dubbed a conspiracy theorist, has from the start been outspoken regarding his views on the global covid pandemic and said he believed “the threat was not what they were telling us”.

Along with claiming that the ‘PCR tests were the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind’, Le Tissier has expressed his concern over the “unbelievable” number of professional athletes who have mysteriously collapsed with heart problems since the covid jabs were rolled out…..

He has also warned that the assault on free speech in Britain is making the country more akin to Communist China.

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