Pro-Cannabis Doctor Found Murdered After Exposing Big Pharma

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Pro-cannabis doctor found dead after fighting Big Pharma

Dr. Sonya Forbes, an outspoken medical marijuana advocate, was found murdered in her home in Jamaica after speaking out against the dangers of Big Pharma medicine. 

According to the autopsy, the cause of death was a stab wound to the abdomen. Police have yet to determine who was responsible for the murder. reports: Going against the status quo is like sentencing yourself to death in more recent times. While the world of marijuana has been progressing and becoming more accepted Big Pharma is still, for the most part, rejecting it.

Dr. Forbes was very pro-cannabis. While the police said that they were unsure if she was murdered or if her wounds were self-inflicted her family and friends all have said she was in no way suicidal.

Why on Earth would someone who was suicidal choose to stab themselves in the abdomen? This just doesn’t make sense.

Forbes actually was one of the researchers to find that applying cannabinoids to the eye tissues of tadpoles made certain retinal cells more sensitive to light and improved the speed in which they responded to even low-level stimulus.

Forbes was quite well known in her area and could easily be considered a public figure even outside of her medical background. She was a former beauty queen and was kind to all she encountered. There are tons of stories like hers and yet none of them are being taken seriously.

There are tons of pieces missing from the puzzle that makes up the death of Dr. Forbes. No signs of forced entry to the house but things just do not add up. Many sites have reported on over 60 suspicious holistic doctor related deaths in the past few years and more people need to be made aware of what is happening.

For more information on this please check out the video below. Do you think she was murdered? I sure do!


    • Sadly, they are too well protected. The pharmaceutical industry makes a lot of money. And money is very good at persuasion.

    • Do you know anyone who has been so sick, using allopathic methods and Big Pharma drugs, that they just give up—And then get better?! We do!

      Big Pharma is in the business to STAY in Business. And the only way they can do it is to keep you sick and try to make you believe that you are getting better…

      Try herbs, clean food, and exercise first.

  1. They caught me in isolation and they made me cold as a shiver box, just because they were told it as they are the dumb asses they become, and true to form, and until made known the weeds a dead giveaway when my belly button receives a dead blow; so they come from behind and they stick with a knife at the port side just like that.

  2. The living, green, blessed organisms God made for our happiness, health and healing are for FREE! But the Big Pharma pedals POISONS OF DEATH for millions! They are enemies of humanity!

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