“It’s Unbelievable How Many Sports Players Are Keeling Over” Says Former England Footballer

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Former footballer Matt Le Tissier has expressed his concern for the “unbelievable” number of professional athletes who have collapsed due to heart problems over the past year and has called for an urgent investigation.

Coincidence, or not, these incidents have been taking place since the Covid jabs were rolled out to the general population.

Le Tissier, a former England and Southampton FC star, has already been accused of ‘putting lives at risk’ by spreading baseless vaccine conspiracy theories as the football authorities continued their campaign to ‘persuade’ players to get the jab.

Yet we are now witnessing footballers, athletes and even fans in the crowd collapsing, usually from heart related issues or blood clots – sometimes fatal- and now on what seems to be a regular basis.

In an interview with Oracle Films, Le Tissier says “I don’t think I saw one person in 17 years coming off the pitch with breathing problems, clutching their heart… footballers, tennis players, basketballers… at some point you have to say this isn’t right, this has to be investigated”

He added that he also doesn’t “remember a single game being halted for a medical emergency in the crowd”, something which is now happening week in and week out since fans were allowed back into football stadiums.

“I’ve never seen anything like it”

As such he is calling for an urgent investigation into the FIFA football deaths and the increase in medical emergencies occurring in crowds so that the Covid-19 vaccine can be ruled out as a contributing factor.


  1. No, it is quite believable. What is unbelievable is how people still refuse to see the truth and admit there is a problem here.

  2. How much longer will the main scream media be able avoid acknowledging that there is problem?

    Of course, anyone who asks what is really going on is a conspiracy theorist nut job.

    • Depends on how fanatical the Ministry of Truth is. I doubt I’ll ever see a correction in my lifetime. Before long the best I can figure it’s the year 1984.

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