World Economic Forum Vows to Put Anyone Who Resists ‘Great Reset’ into China-Style ‘Reeducation Camps’

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World Economic Forum vows to throw people who resist the 'Great Reset' into reeducation camps

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has vowed to throw anybody who resists their ‘Great Reset’ agenda into Chinese-style “reeducation camps.”

Yes, really.

Wang Guan, a WEF young global leader, is pushing for those who resist Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” to be jailed in communist China-style “reeducation camps” until they no longer support things like freedom, nationalism and the right to bear arms.

Wang currently works as a chief political correspondent for a Chinese state-run media outlet that airs Chinese propaganda within the United States.

“The WEF has become notorious for globalist intervention around the world, including but not limited to pushing for the ‘Great Reset’ amidst COVID-19,” Natalie Winters wrote in the National Pulse.

“The group seeks to abolish property ownership at its core, summarizing this objective through its controversial expression ‘you will own nothing and be happy.’” reports: The same media outlet where Wang was installed by Schwab to brainwash Americans also defends the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) genocide of Uyghur Muslims.

CCP putting out propaganda films promoting concentration camps as places to learn valuable life skills

In a short film put together to promote reeducation camps, Wang explained how he believes that the living conditions of Uyghur Muslims is a “success,” and that it serves the purposes of the CCP to ethnically cleanse China in this way.

“Fifty-four countries, most of them Muslim-majority states, defended China’s counter-extremism efforts in Xinjiang, commending China in its development policies there, and in ‘providing care to its Muslim citizens,’” Wang said in the video, adding, “and they probably have a point.”

The same feature also depicted survivors of these reeducation camps praising the Chinese leaders for supposedly teaching them life skills to be successful.

“We met 33-year-old artist Abulizikari Aobuli, who perfected his painting skills in the re-education center and now works in a gallery,” Wang said in the film.

“We caught up with 30-year-old Yuregul Yusan who works in the hospitality sector. We found 26-year-old Rukiya Yakup, who improved her Mandarin and now works as a real estate agent. And we met 23-year-old Halinur, who’s now a cashier at a restaurant.”

How sweet: the CCP’s concentration camps are just misunderstood technical colleges, apparently.

“According to local officials, the vast majority of the attendees picked up a skill or two, completed their training, and went home,” Wang further said in another related video, which was put out by the China Global Television Network (CGTN).

“Twenty-six-year-old Rukiya Yakup spent 10 months in the education center. While there, she perfected her Mandarin skills and studied sales. Now, she is a real estate sales agent, earning over 8,000 yuan, more than 1,100 U.S. dollars a month, way above local average income.”

The 26-year-old was then shown on screen claiming that she feels “happier” now that she endured reeducation camp in China. She also said that she is happy she learned Mandarin because she can now “receive both Han people and Uyghurs.”

“My income is considerable,” she added.

Another WEF young global leader who has been pushing an agenda publicly is “journalist” Daria Kaleniuk. As the Pulse reported about her, Kaleniuk confronted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and demanded that NATO enter the war in Ukraine.

It would seem as though Schwab has his minions all over the world pushing different agendas all at the same time. And as we have come to expect, all of it revolves around his precious Great Reset.


  1. THE SLAVEs thast build america in china are bearing our load ever since REAGAN BROKE OUR UNIONS and CRACKED TUP the american`s until we were nothing but jelly beans in his jar jar binks

  2. Well banks wealth is based very much on the mortgages they have which grant them the actual ownership of the properties really, until mortgage is discharged so why aren’t they screaming. And there’s the clue All you property developers and farmers, WAKE UP, before it’s too late.

  3. Yep, the cabal was gonna put all of us who don’t comply into FEMA Camps. The great news is they are/will be the ones arrested, given military tribunals & executed for their many, many crimes…including crimes against humanity. Thank you, LORD!

    • There’s been many saying this for a very long time but nothing has happened. Who is going to do it? I was told the ‘generals’ were going to be the ones but when? This talk has been for over a year already but nothing yet. I’m just curious if anyone actually knows. I’d love to see most elites in chains at gitmo in a Nuremberg trial along with many ppl who were coercing ppl to get the poke to keep a job, go out for eats. The excuse of ‘I’m just doing my job’ does not work under Nuremberg.

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