Trump: “Putin An Outstanding, Virtuous, Talented, Respected Man”

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Donald Trump praises Russian President Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump has heaped praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that he is “highly respected” and an “outstanding” human-being. 

The praise follows Putin’s announcement that he hopes that Trump gets elected to President in the 2016 race.

Upon hearing the news, Trump responded by saying, “I have always felt that Russia and the United States should be able to work well with each other towards defeating terrorism and restoring world peace, not to mention trade and all of the other benefits derived from mutual respect”. reports:

Trump continues to sustain his lead over other GOP contenders with an average of 33 percent support among Republican primary voters.

Americans love Putin for launching a war against Daesh terrorists, according to Scott Bennet, a US political analyst.

“As odd as it may sound, truly the American public has a new love affair with President Putin and Russia. The American public — although they may not say it — is very grateful and happy and celebratory towards President Putin,” Bennet told Press TV on December 2.

“They’re clapping their hands, and they are saying ‘thank you Mr. Putin’, and throwing flowers at his feet for going into Syria and destroying the ISIS terrorists that have been blamed for so much of mishap and confusion and destruction in Europe and in various parts of the United States,” he said.

“The mainstream media may not report this, but they don’t govern the heart of American citizens,” he stated.

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