Ukraine Flu Epidemic Kills Over 190 And Counting

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Flu epidemic in Ukraine kills over 190 people

Over 3.2 million people in Ukraine have been infected with a particularly deadly strain of the flu virus, which has grown by 65,000 in the last 24 hours. 

The flu epidemic death toll has reached 192, the Health Ministry confirmed on Thursday.

“Since the epidemic’s outbreak 192 flu-related lethal cases were registered, including three deaths among children,” the ministry said.

Over 3.2 million people got infected with flu in Ukraine, the figure grew by 65,000 only in the past 24 hours. Some 50% of those infected are children under 17.

The epidemic thresholds are exceeded in 19 of 27 Ukraine’s regions.

Health ministry data shows swine flu, officially known as influenza virus A/H1N1, is spreading in Ukraine.