UFO Sighting: NASA’s Spacewalk Video Captures UFO ‘Monitoring’ International Space Station [Watch Video]

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A UFO was allegedly spotted when astronauts from NASA were performing a spacewalk in the International Space Station on October 7. A video was uploaded of the spacewalk by NASA on YouTube.

According to an article by Rida Ahmed, a writer for Headlines and Global News, the video shows the astronauts on their space walk. Close to 1:50 minute mark on the video, a mysterious object is seen on the footage.

The mysterious object, whose shape and size was difficult to see as the video was foggy, has garnered a lot of comments on the video posted by NASA. Here is a look at a few of the comments.

Judson Feltenberger: In one shot, you can see it slowly approaching. Then the camera switches and switches back where you can clearly see something that is not a reflection. I believe we are not the only beings in the universe so my opinion is that is a UFO. I strongly believe NASA has actual proof of extraterrestrial existence. This is definitely not the first time something like this was recorded on the International Space Station live feed.

WeAreKrowned: Doesn’t look like reflected light to me? Pause at 1:25, then skip to 1:48. Same camera shot, but the object is clearly more visible so that rules out a smudge on the window as people would like to claim. I’m not saying it’s a UFO, but it isn’t a reflection or smudge.

A video by YouTube channel, thirdphaseofmoon, titled “WOW!! UFO Sightings UFOs Visit ISS During Space Walk,” has managed to get more views than the original video by NASA. NASA’s video has about 25,700 views and 92 comments while the other video has about 78,500 views and 1,100 comments.

According to the Daily Mail, the first of sightings of a UFO close to the International Space Station was made by Scott Waring, a UFO researcher from Taiwan, on August 4. He posted the video of his finding on YouTube and said that while he was watching the live feed, he noticed a glowing disk at a distance from the ISS. When he took a screenshot of it and enlarged it, he found that it had a long line down the middle and a dome on the top.

Scott claimed that NASA noticed the UFO and so they took the camera offline. When the camera was brought back online, he wrote, that the UFO had vanished.

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