Scotland Yard Investigated Over Claims Of Child Sex Abuse Cover Up

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Scotland Yard Investigated Over Claims Of Child Sex Abuse Cover Up

Scotland Yard is to be investigated for alleged corruption over claims that they covered up child sexual abuse because police and senior MPs were involved.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will carry out an investigation into 14 allegations of corruption in the Metropolitan Police concerning establishment child abuse between 1970 and 2005. Deputy chair of the IPCC Sarah Green, said: “These allegations are of historic, high level corruption of the most serious nature.”

The Mirror reports: They include allegations uncovered by the Daily Mirror that a detective was removed from a paedophile probe in 1998 when he named a minister in Tony Blair’s government as a suspect.

The Lambeth children’s home case tops a list of 14 police corruption claims being probed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission between 1970 and 2005.

Labour MP Tom Watson tonight praised the Daily Mirror and our sister paper the Sunday People for uncovering the scandal.

Mr Watson, who sparked the police investigations by raising concerns about a cover-up of abusers linked to Westminster, said: “This is potentially a very serious milestone in pursuit of justice for survivors of serious sexual crimes.

“For many years they were dismissed as conspiracy theorists and fantasists. Now they are being taken seriously.

“All credit to the Daily Mirror and the Sunday People for digging away at this story for the last two years.”

The anti-corruption probe could see police officers, politicians and civil servants being convicted of perverting the course of justice or misconduct in public office.

It is the largest ever corruption investigation involving allegations the police protected establishment figures.

Among the 14 referrals is a claim that a police surveillance operation of a child abuse ring was shut down because former Liberal MP Cyril Smith was among the suspects.

An investigation into young men being targeted in Dolphin Square, the apartment complex popular with MPs, was also allegedly stopped because officers were “too near prominent people”, the IPCC said.

Another case involves a Houses of Parliament document found at a paedophile’s home linking a number of MPs and senior police officers to an abuse ring, but no further action was taken.

Officers are also investigating claims that an abuse victim’s account was altered to omit a senior politician’s name, while it is also alleged that no further action was taken into claims of child sex abuse involving a former senior Met Police officer and “further members of the establishment including judges”.

Another is that police officers sexually abused a boy and carried out surveillance on him.