Video: Humans Age At Astonishingly Different Rates

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A new study has found that humans age at vastly different rates – some up to decades ahead of others.

According to GeoBeats News [1]:

Certain people may seem older or younger than they are, and it turns out, that just might be the case.
According to a recently published paper, aging happens at different rates–some in their 30s are biologically closer to 20-somethings while others are more akin to 60-year olds.

Although this includes physical appearance and parts that are known to decline with time such as the hair, eyes, and joints, it also involves less visible areas.

For the long-term study, the team measured functions of 18 markers such as the kidneys, liver, heart, metabolism, lung function, and dental health.

They then looked back at these data points when the participants were 26, 32, and 38-years old and determined that people were aging between zero to three years per chronological year.

The researchers also found correlations in those who were not in great biological condition with lower scores on mental tests and physical challenges which included things like balance. The team hopes the research can one day help to identify ways to slow the aging process on a broader basis versus the traditional method of treating individual diseases.



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