Sean Penn Says Covid Was a ‘Mandatory Rehearsal For Things To Come’

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Covid lockdowns were a “mandatory rehearsal for things to come,” according to Hollywood actor and far-left activist Sean Penn.

Appearing live on CNN, Penn described the lockdowns and other draconian Covid measures endured by society as a “silver lining” because it prepared the masses for unnamed “things to come.”

Vaccine hardliner Penn has previously declared that forced Covid vaccines should be mandatory for everybody in society, because unvaccinated people, in his opinion, are “going around pointing a gun in everyone’s face.”

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Penn also told unvaccinated people they weren’t welcome at screenings of his movie Gaslit.

“I have to say that I hope — I’d ask — that as much as I want people all to go to the theater, I really only want people who are vaccinated and safe to themselves and each other to go,” he said.

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