Queen’s Former Driver, About To Be Charged For Sexually Abusing Young Boys, Dies

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Queen Elizabeth's Pedophile Chauffeur Dies Before Facing Justice

The Queen’s former chauffeur sexually abused a ten year old boy at Buckingham Palace but conveniently died before he could be charged.

Alwyn Stockdale, 81, admitted indecently assaulting the ten-year-old boy in his Buckingham Palace quarters as well as three offences of gross indecency against another boy at a relative’s home in the 1970’s

The paedophile died in hospital last week and just after prosecutors told police to charge him with the crimes

The Mail Online reports: Stockdale, who was retired, died of natural causes in hospital last week, but was due to be charged with indecently assaulting one of the boys and with three offences of gross indecency on the second youngster, according to The Sun.

The newspaper says prosecutors had told police to charge Stockdale with the offences.

The alleged victim, a man now in his 50s, told police he had been assaulted when he was ten, with detectives allegedly taking 19 months to track Stockdale down.

Stockdale is said to have lived in Royal Household quarters at Buckingham Palace Mews at the time and later lived in a cottage on the Windsor estate.

He attacked one of the boys at the West Yorkshire home of a relative, who was also a royal servant, but who was unaware of the alleged crime.

A source said: ‘The victims are understandably upset that Stockdale will not face justice. They’ve lived with what he did all their adult lives.’

‘There are questions over why it took so long for police to identify and get round to questioning Stockdale.

‘Given his age, it was a race against time to bring him to justice.

‘But like Jimmy Savile and the MP Cyril Smith, he died before that could happen.’

The Metropolitan Police said it is aware of the report, but was unable to comment at that time.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

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