UK Govt Quietly Confirms It Will No Longer Publish ‘Deaths By Vaccination Status’

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A British Government department known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) quietly decided that it would no longer publish data on deaths by vaccination status.

Could the reason possibly be that for the past two and half years, the data showed that the COVID-19 jabs really are deadly and responsible for reducing lifespan significantly?

The data also shows that over 9 in 10 COVID deaths are among the vaccinated.

Principia scientifica reports: The first dataset was published by the ONS in late 2021 and covered deaths by vaccination status between 1st January and 31st July 2021.

Since then, there have been a further 8 reports produced with the final report covering deaths by COVID-19 vaccination status between 1st April 2021 and 31st May 2023.

Each subsequent report has included less and less data, almost as if the UK Government had something to hide.

For instance, the report published by the Office for National Statistics on 20th Dec 21 inadvertently revealed that COVID-19-vaccinated children were up to 52 times more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children.

Here are the calculated mortality rates by vaccination status among 10-14-year-olds based on the ONS calculated person-years contained in the report published 20th Dec 21 –

But the following report from the ONS published 4th Feb 22, failed to include any data on deaths among children whatsoever, suggesting authorities in the UK clearly had something to hide when it comes to the safety of children being given the Covid-19 vaccine.

Then there’s the fact that the reports show COVID-19 vaccination takes approximately five months to kill.

You’ve likely seen many headlines over the past few years on Doctors being baffled by an uptick in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS).

But the baffled doctors only had to look at the ‘Deaths by Vaccination Report’ published on 6th July 2022 by the ONS to find the answer.

Table 2 of the ONS dataset contains figures on the monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for deaths between 1st Jan 21 and 31st May 22. The first COVID-19 injection was administered in England on 8th December 2020, and here are the figures on mortality rates by vaccination status in the following 4 months –

The unvaccinated were substantially more likely to die of any cause other than Covid-19 than the vaccinated population in both January and February 2021, before the rates seemed to normalise by the end of April.

But look at what happened from May 2021 onwards –

All of a sudden, the vaccinated population as a whole were more likely to die than the unvaccinated of any cause other than COVID-19, and this trend has continued month after month since. It also turns out this trend tallies up with those who received the COVID-19 injections first., which went in order of age.

The following chart shows the age-standardised mortality rates per 100,000 person-years by vaccination status and age-group for the month of May 2021 –

The figures show that in May the three age groups who had a higher mortality rate among the vaccinated were the 70-79, 80-89, and 90+-year-olds. The trend continues into June with vaccinated 60-69-year-olds joining the highest mortality rate club.

The ONS data contained in the published ‘Deaths by Vaccination Reports’ showed that this trend continues month after month until all age groups are more likely to die if they have been vaccinated.

So much so, that their most recent, and apparently last-ever report reveals quadruple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds are up to 318 percent more likely to die than unvaccinated 18 to -39-year-olds.

Between January and May 2023, four-dose vaccinated teenagers and young adults were significantly more likely to die than unvaccinated teenagers and young adults than the unvaccinated.

The difference in mortality rates was so stark that the unvaccinated only managed to reach a mortality rate of 31.1 per 100,000 person-years in January, whereas the four-dose vaccinated managed to reach a shocking mortality rate of 106 per 100,000 person-years in the same month.

These aren’t the kind of figures you would expect to see if the COVID-19 injections really are up to 95 percent effective at preventing death, are they?

With 95 percent of Covid-19 deaths in the full 12 months up to May 2023 being among the vaccinated it would appear they are in fact only five percent effective, and even that number is extremely generous as we know from the UKHSA reports showing negative effectiveness,

These are but a few findings from the 9 published ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status Reports’.

And it should now be clear to you that the UK Government is not stopping publishing further datasets because they are no longer “a useful tool” but instead because they show the devastation COVID-19 vaccination has caused to the population.

This is taken from a long document with many more images. See it here

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