The White House Briefs TikTok Stars On Ukraine & Russia

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President Biden has turned to TikTok influencers to help him counter Russian propaganda about its invasion of the Ukraine.

National Security Council staffers and White House press secretary Jen Psaki gathered 30 popular TikTok stars together for the briefing via Zoom on Thursday, March 10th.

Biden officials emphasized the influence that these creators have in online discussions surrounding the crisis, according to the Washington Post.

During the briefing, White House director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty noted that the Biden administration recognized that TikTok “is a critically important avenue” for much of the American public…especially Gen Z…to find out about news. “So we wanted to make sure you had the latest information from an authoritative source” he said

Yahoo news reports: The briefing’s attendees were mostly Gen Z TikTokers — many with upwards of half a million followers — whose content leans towards politics, history, and culture. “People in my generation get all our information from TikTok,” Khalil Greene, who attended the briefing, told The Washington Post. “It’s the first place we’re searching up new topics and learning about things.”

Others attendees included Jules Terpak, who makes TikTok essays about culture; Jules Suzdaltsev, who operates the TikTok account Good Morning, Bad News; and Ellie Zeiler, a TikTok star with over 10 million followers. Some, including Greene, posted recaps of their experience.

Not all reviews were positive. “There wasn’t a lot of acknowledgement of what America should stop doing in terms of their connections to occupations, invasions, and general bad-faith actions across the world,” Greene said. Similarly, Suzdaltsev told The Washington Post that “the energy of the call felt like a press briefing for kindergartners.”




  1. China hasn’t supported the mob at the UN so they’re going after Chinese corporations using of course the extortion of censorship for non compliance with the Catholic leaders throughout the world.

  2. And the point of them setting up their team in the top spots was to start this war against Russia And now the absolute totalitarian global censoring of Russias voice is a CLEAR message to Putin and the Oligarch’s and the 300 members of the Duna that they will be hung or shot as war criminals when they lose this war And the winners will meet at Putins mansion to sign the deeds if diving up the plunder.
    Why do you think they’re making that as clear as they possibly can? What do they want Putin to do? He has nothing to lose now, by their INTENTIONS from the start of the whole operation.
    Think about that. Intentions.
    “they in there hate truth and beauty” Pope Emeritus Benedict on tbe Vatican
    Truth is God’s Word and Beauty His creation.

  3. RUSSIA has all the fuel and food to china the UK and EU and is the world trade org most favored nation as at the top pf the food and fuel chain so no matter WTF anyone says or does don`t matter as they rule the world now china&russia,We will have no food or gas if we bite the hand that feeds and builds our china products for us via slave labor,RONNY REAGAN sold out to the internationist WAR LOBBY run trilate

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