40 House Dems Signed Letter in 2019 That Proves US Is Now Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

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Forty House Democrats signed a letter to the State Department in 2019 asking them to designate the Azov battalion in the Ukrainian army as a Neo-Nazi terrorist organization.

Fast forward three years and House Democrats approved a massive spending package for Ukraine that will end up in the hands of the people they once admitted are Neo-Nazis and terrorists.

The Senate voted Thursday night to approve the huge package that includes $1.5 trillion in funding to keep the federal government open along with $13.6 billion in emergency aid for Ukraine, sending it to President Biden for his signature.

The 2019 letter

In the notable letter signed by 40 US House Democrats and addressed to then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, they asked why certain “white supremacist groups” including the Ukrainian Azov Battalion, were not included on the Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) list.

The battalion has since become a media darling to western journalists, being depicted as ultranationalists, Ukraine’s greatest weapon, and everything in between. In Ukraine, however, the Neo-Nazi battalion is respected for its discipline, high motivation, and effectiveness in protecting the city of Mariupol from the onslaught of Russian-backed militants from the puppet “republics” in the east.

The battalion has also gained controversy due to the inclusion of Neo-Nazi foreigners. According to the House Democrats in 2019, this part of Ukraine’s army is “connected to recent terrorist attacks around the world as well as recruiting and influencing American citizens.”

And now the same Democrats are voting to spend billions on supporting them?

Representative Max Rose shared the letter of 40 congressmen to Mike Pompeo on Twitter with the following comment:

“Violent white supremacist groups meet all of the StateDept criteria for inclusion on the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, but for some reason they refuse to label these groups as terrorists that they are, hampering law enforcement’s ability to keep us safe.”

The attack in Halle, Germany, and Christchurch, New Zealand are examples of evolving white supremacist terrorism, according to the letter (full text).

And remember the Christchurch shooter who killed dozens in the New Zealand mosque shooting had symbols associated with the Azov Battalion on his weapon. They are full-blown Neo-Nazis and yet the same Democrats who signed the letter acknowledging this fact in 2019 now want to send them weapons and billions of dollars.

Of course, the mainstream media are desperately trying to control the narrative and will say they are not Neo-Nazis and there are only 600 troops in the Azov battalion. But sources from eastern Europe indicate there are many more than this number. Even this Ukrainian source admits their military does allow Neo-Nazis in its ranks.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Crusaders for the Pope. Nothing new And now Bidens throwing gifts to the American puppet Ayatollah so be can unleash a holocaust on Israel too. Kill the Orthodox Russians and the Jews It’s just like Hitler all over again. But this time he’s operating from America as the barracks.

    • It’s like this, how many South American Catholics, or Mexican Catholics died in ww1 or 2? Who died? Moslems Jews Protestants. Some few Italian Catholics No Spanish Catholics either. Join the dots Use your observation.

      • And the Shinto Japanese with Big Boy. Who remembers Shinto anymore?. Then the Korean and Asian Buddhists as well. How many Catholic Philipinios? Why were no English bombs dropped on Nazi Argentina Why no atomic bombs for them?

  2. They are NOT Neo-Nazis. They were created and are funded by the people who violently took over Ukraine so that the world would THINK they were Neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazis would not put The Tribe in all the top positions of their government. Neo-Nazis would not try to force their country into the Globalist’s EU or NATO. Neo-Nazis are nationalists.

    • so they ae a over throw group of fake nazis? trying to draw in more real neo`s?.That could be close to the truth as neo`s an`t running out of EU and hills to join them unless they are hired by the west as professional kilROys

      • What’s the polar opposite of Neo-Nazis? Answer that and you’ll know who took over Ukraine. The same “tribe” that controls the world. These Ukrainian “Neo-Nazis” fought alongside Israelis from the Israeli Defense Force. “the Blue Helmets of Maidan.”

  3. BUT the fuel and food chain is broken so send the ZZ to the EU and open the pipeline and get back in the feilds and grow some more food fast or WW-III as the EU&UK go dry and we get 20$ a gallon fuel and skyhigh food our country will fall

  4. ANY arms the USA or any other country ships in or imports in is going to blow up so why the fN send them send food and stop arming the citz so the russian army don`t have to take them out.BLOOD BATH war crimes on the USA baby sheilding Z

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