‘Water is Not a Human Right’: WEF Orders Govt’s To Begin Rationing Water Into Homes

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In a disturbing development, the globalist elite are claiming that water is not a human right and the world's water supplies must be privatized and controlled by the elites.

As you are no doubt aware, the global elite are making moves to have people “own nothing and be happy.” The world will be controlled by an authoritarian one-world government and humanity, according to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, will be enslaved in a totalitarian system featuring mass surveillance, mandatory vaccinations and desperate servitude.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the WEF wasn’t so influential. Klaus Schwab has openly bragged about his organization’s ability to infiltrate governments across the globe. At the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, he discussed how the WEF’s modus operandi is to penetrate governments by installing its “Young Global Leaders.”

In recent years, we have seen this modus operandi play out. The WEF has infiltrated governments across the world, with every left-voting nation firmly under their control. Make no mistake, these Young Global Leaders, including Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, are working hand-in-glove with Davos to roll out the globalist agenda of the elite.

Now, in a disturbing development, the globalist elite are claiming that water is not a human right and the world’s water supplies must be privatized and controlled by the elites.

The World Economic Forum is teaming up with the UN to set its sights on seizing control of the world’s water supplies and holding humanity to ransom.

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The World Economic Forum and the U.N. have ordered world governments to prepare to ration people’s water supply as part of their ‘Great Reset’ agenda for humanity.

The globalist organizations are hosting a conference on water in New York as part of the U.N. quest to accomplish its 17 sustainable development goals, a list that if fully achieved and enacted, will give the globalist elites total control over all human activities.

“[T]he conference aims to raise awareness of the global water crisis and decide on action to achieve internationally agreed water-related goals,” the World Economic Forum wrote in a recent post.

“The Global Commission on the Economics of Water, launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 2022, will report on game-changing ways to value and manage water as a common good,” the World Economic Forum wrote in this same recent post.

Just as the Paris Agreement promised an end to pollution — if only humans would stop taking airplanes and driving cars and heating their homes and using gas stoves — now this blossoming water treaty will no doubt promise an end to thirst. Yes, an end to thirst — so long as humans of the world unite and abide by all the coming WEF water dictates.

The United Nations plans to protect water that’s used for bathing; water that’s used for developments; water that’s home to sea life; water that’s used for transportation. So the up-and-coming controls would likely focus on residential limits to water usage, and costly increases to access that water; on bans on agricultural usage, and costly increases on farmers; on strict controls on the types and numbers of ships that can sail the seas and rivers and channels, and costly increases for this form of transportation.

Then will come the offset demands — as with carbon offsets, the WEF water czars will demands trades of activities to offset the supposed pollution of the waterways.

So much for jet skiing. So much for fishing on the weekends with the family. It’ll be too expensive — and regulated.

“Natural resources crises, including for water and food, come within the top 10 biggest risks facing humanity in the coming decade,” the World Economic Forum wrote.

The hysteria’s in place. The hysterical claims are heating up the media. 

“[A]s global warming continues to take effect, ordinary weather is becoming a thing of the past, exacerbating our water crisis,” the World Economic Forum wrote.

There you have it.

The double-whammy of climate alarmism and a water crisis: Let the fear go forth.

“It’s clear that we need to rethink our approach to how we can best allocate and value water,” the World Economic Forum wrote. “How can we share the cost of preventing or mitigating droughts and floods exacerbated by global warming?”

It’s a question the global bureaucrats want to be answered this way: by turning over all human activity to the control of the United Nations and its select partners in global politics.

This is where this water conference is leading. The globalists won’t quit until they grab all power from all people across all the nations — even if they have to do it one drop at a time.

The elites have long set their sights on seizing control of the water supply.

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe admitted as much during a shocking interview during which he inadvertently exposed the psychopathic mindset of the elite.

At a time when inflation has gone double-digit, food production plants are burning down, the supply chain is in crisis, and food shortages are on the horizon, we now understand that the elites are making moves behind the scenes to seize control of the planet’s water.

So, is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and the elite?

Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these so-called “water offsets” be forced to allow the state to euthanize them because of their lack of financial wealth?

That is the future of humanity according to the global elites.

You might remember the Oregon ‘Rain Man’ or Gary Harrington — who was sentenced to 30 days in Jackson County Jail in 2015 and slapped with a $1,500 fine for the crime of collecting rainwater on his 170-acre property?

He was ordered to breach his dams and drain his ponds that held more than 13 million gallons of water, enough to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

He’s got a message for us all about the government and the globalist elite and their plans for seizing control of the world’s water.

“The government is bullying,” Harrington said in an interview.

“They’ve just gotten to be big bullies and if you just lay over and die and give up, that just makes them bigger bullies. So, we as Americans, we need to stand on our constitutional rights, on our rights as citizens and hang tough. This is a good country, we’ll prevail,” he said.

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Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. That happened decades ago in Australia. You have had to report any rainwater tanks you bought to the government, any holes you dug that might catch water etc. They made a law, that they own all water, including rain water.
    3 men then bought it all forevermore. One of them then then became prime minister, but got run out by the team. He never ever said he was owner of the water though. But I heard the wife of one if the other owners telling a well known person.

    • When regulators push through such laws, they should all be shot and left out in the Out-Back for the Dingo’s to eat. We are all sick of politicians who are some of the stupidest sociopaths on the planet.

  2. People don’t realize buying bottled water in the store is nothing more than city tap water, just filtered. Nestle, in Canada taps water from natural springs, pays little to nothing (+/- $2.00/million litre) in taxes on collecting it like you would in your home, then turns around selling it back to you at about $4-5/litre.
    Buy your own filter system for your home and rebottle drinking water. Stop supporting these clowns.

    • I chose to buy a home distiller for my kitchen drinking water. everything automatic, no filters to change. distills then dumps, then fills and distills again. Nice.

      • What Brand/Model do you have…. was thinking about getting one but, after reading this article it looks like it’s going to be mandatory…tia

        • my purewater dot com, take the spaces out. I got the mega classic. it is expensive, but I wanted one in my basement to pipe up to my kitchen.
          they make some coffee maker ones on amazon. a little pain in the butt but doable. get two copper pitchers, and the one gallon amazon coffee maker type and you keep making it and pouring it in the copper jugs. it takes four hours to make a gallon, so you have to keep up with it. I did that for about a year before I went with the mega classic. it was 3000 bucks but, healthy water is worth the investment to me. Now the amazon coffee maker types you can pick up for 150 to 250. get the stainless and glass pitcher ones. stay away from aluminium and plastic jugs.

        • The elite are obsessed with inversion of everything, including writing. Nestle (a very evil company) produce KLIM which is milk backwards. The Rothschilds held a party way back at their castle which was lit up in red for the occasion, and the invite was written backwards, so you could read it in a mirror. There are hundreds of thousands of examples, but really they are in your face. Of course, you need the eyes to see. You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.

          • Don’t call them elites. They are not elite! They are crap! We are much better than they are! Just because they have more money than us does not mean they are elite!

  3. Klaus Schwab is one sick puppy who rivals Hitler in his psychopathy. What you, a serious POS forgets, it is the right of every human on earth to have fresh water, NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S RIGHT TO CONTROL it AS IT PLEASES. If you try and regulate my usage when we’re not in a drought, I will have an issue with you and will take actions you may not like. In fact I hope someone takes that POS out behind the barn and hangs him, and then show it on TikTok for everyone to see, with the statement that if any of you sick b. a. s. t. a. r. d. s. try and fuque the people we have a thousand ways to take you down. This is what we are calling the Benito Mussolini Treatment!!!

    • Do you actualy believe the WW2 narrative? Did you know WW2 movies are not real, my dad told me that because he was there. TV lies and the government lies. Look at the financial miracles that happened in Germany in the 1930s. They don’t want you to know so much they still lie and make fake movies still today.

      • The reason for the start of WW-II was decidedly not because it had a great economy. The banking industry was strangling Germany as it was going broke, and it was Hitler who turned Germany into a war machine to stop the banks. Remember my friend, that ALL MODERN WARS ARE BANKER WARS BECAUSE WAR IS GOOD BUSINESS !!!

    • Since all of this stuff has happened, I have done a little research on these demons. I believe we are witnessing an attempt to bring on the 4th Reich. The Nazi connections to these despots is there. Klaus Schwab’s father was a Nazi who worked on Hitler’s nuclear program and later Schwab did it. Schwab’s education at Harvard was paid for by the CIA. The CIA the former OSS was started by the Nazi banker himself Prescott Bush. Operation paper clip imported Nazis to the US and they were distributed to various agencies in the Government. The CIA, NASA and other intelligence agencies! Also, the core group of soldiers in Ukraine are the AZOV Nazis which are not Neo Nazis but are the original Bandera disciples! It’s time to eliminate the evil from earth once and for all!

  4. Why do you think, that for the benefit of the globalists, that the State of Missouri demands that )licensed) well drillers report the location of your well to them when they drill it?

    For those that rode the short bus to school;: ” State “licencing” is a gross violation of Natural Law.

    In medicine, in law, and even in well drilling “licensing ” is for no other purpose than to control the serfs on the globalist plantation.

    Another question is how “the State” has become our God?
    The answer is simple, your pastor has done nothing but parrot, Adolph Hitlers Satanic interpretation of Romans 13.; Go listen to what Adolph preached to the Nazi masses, and you will find that it is identical to the vomit that your Pastor is preaching.



    • 1,oo0 year flood yesterday in fort lauderdale CAR SURFED UP TO INTERSTATE 95 BEFORE most everyone in lauderdale SUNK…so much microwave LIGHT NO ONE COULD SEE WAR WEATHER^^^!!!!

  6. BS! God gave us water; He owns it all & gave it to us to use freely. There is no water shortage. These satanic elites act like they own everything but they do not & they have no right to tell us what we can & cannot do. Time to permanently remove these evil criminals from earth.

    • They will gain control for 3.5 years, then they will be destroy by the most powerful fierce warrior that ever existed in the universe. He will come and they will scream for mercy. Hold strong, do not compromise yourself. 3.5 years is very short time. Keep the faith, Jesus will tell you what you need to do day by day. Keep conversing with him, and above all, listen, and follow his commands.

      • I am praying the 3.5 years started on March 11 2020 and Jesus comes back for the Feast of Trumpets this year.

      • 3.5 years is a lot for me at my stage in life. I’ve already lost 8 years to the crap we’ve been put through ever since Trump campaigned for the presidency! Klaus Slob has plenty of power because he has the US Government backing his draconian ideas and Biden killing us with inflation and taxes! And they will continue taxing us until we can no longer afford a home or a car! They are going after ourt stoves, our air conditioners and now our water! already many cities and towns have their water owned by some corporation! WHY? Our farmland is owned by China and Bill Gates! Our oceans are being turned unto windfarms by European countries! Who the hell allowed that??

        • Unfortunately , We need 1 Person to Take the Lead in this Country And Turn It Around .
          Elon Musk can do it , but the Pay is too low .

  7. What will be left for the nature to revive and how they will live? Some people actions left no difference to be civilized or uncivilized person

    • In Switzerland they fired a safety worker for the national drinking water safety agency, he just said that to reduce cost for cleaning groundwater, they should forbid the use of pesticides for 5 km around groundwater collection. The lobby of the evil glyphosate and pharma industry is bigger than for safety. The companies that produce pharmaceutical products in basel often end up in the Rhein and groundwater, the government often claim the water is clean, but fishes in aquarium would die often from it. We use a old krups t8 to destile water the leftovers are not calcium its grey and goey like egg white. Water should be a human right. Germany has closed most drinking water fountains, it’s happening slowly.

  8. They can try but they should remember that the guillotine cuts both ways…those that would pretend to rule are still only 1% of the population…take food or water from people and see how fast the winds of change can blow.

    • He is nothing more than a evil cartoon character. Don’t let him get to you, he is powerless. He can be taken out easily.

    • He shouldn’t but him along with CEO’s of corporations are the ones enslaving us and we are letting them! Any company that is woke, has ESG ratings, means NONE of us should ever buy anything from them! We must buy from small businesses and use cash not credit cards if we want to make a difference and we have the power!

  9. Well, food, healthcare, and water are not human rights per say. that is correct. you should not be denied the opportunity to water, food, or healthcare. they are not rights. no one can claim ownership of all food and water, so no one can deny you access.
    But the government will try and make it illegal to grow your own food and collect your own water, under the guise that they own it, so you can’t possess government property.

  10. It was the republicans that brought the clean water act, that turned out to be a hidden tyranical law. So ladies and gentlemen, it is not just the democrats doing it to us, it is the republicans doing to us also. The democrats are more honest about their evil, the republicans are more deceptive. both are equally evil parties. question is, how can we get out of this two party system? First we need to revoke the federal reserve bank system, and then take if from there.

  11. I think I am literally going to go insane. OMG!!! Humans can’t survive w/out water. You will die. Who in the hell do these people think they are. They do not rule the world and I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow them to dictate my life. It’s time for WAR against the WEF and every other association with them to be blasted off the face of this planet.

  12. This is how it ends, over 2000 years ago, Satan offered the 13th tribe all the power and wealth in the whole world if they would worship him as God, and in the place of God and renounce God and Crucify God, while he was here to save us from evil and sin and the demonic beings of Hell who existed on earth, running the ancient Babylonian money system, the very first money system that still exists today=Moloch Mammon worship.
    Jesus rejected his offer of course.
    Now through their ownership of the money systems = Private, Jewish owned Central Banks, these minions of Satan are about to receive the promised reward, in their bargain with Satan: all the power and wealth of the entire world.
    Meanwhile the Gentiles who chose to worship God and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit, and save their souls from the fires of Hell, to receive eternal life everlasting in Heaven with God, the saints and the angels.
    But in reality, these demonic beings, who exist by possessing the bodies of soulless minions generation by generation, the devils, the demonic beings, who are the fallen angels of Hell under Lucifer, have succeeded in taking the entire world that God created for all his children (the gentiles) to share EQUALLY, in brotherhood, as they did before the money system arrived.
    The devil has tricked his minions as he always does, he just used them and they will all go to eternal Hell where there is no water, only eternal FIRE.
    He is just using the jews and they will have nothing, but the followers of Jesus Christ, who rejected the devil and are true their true King, lord and master, will attain eternal life in Heaven.

  13. Excellent. You deserve what you tolerate. You don’t fight, but instead you hide and cower, then you LOSE EVERYTHING.
    How much will you take, you stupid serfs ?

  14. SO THE SWIZ have decided AMERICA will get water when the government wants you to have it,YET OUR MILITARY WHO SWORE AN OATH TO GOD ,can’t seem to PROTECT AMERICA from devils in another country,,YET they can Bomb and murder women and children in the middle east,Loot their country and then leave BILLIONS of dollars worth of weapons behind when they leave,BUT HEY THEY WANT OUR WEAPONS AND PLAN TO TAKE THEM BY FORCE…..THIS ain’t going to end well…

    • Kosmos Lexikon 1912
      This book is from 1912 it contains scientific ideas, there was written to use the volcanic activity in oceans to create steam powered energy with turbines, the steam is drinking water used to fertilze and cool desert places by product would be salt. Free salt production free electric energy and free drinking water. It was never built. The leaders don’t want anything free or good.

  15. Fear not everyone, you read the last book. God wins, no changing that. Hold tight and don’t, never deny God and you will make it thru just fine.
    remember how that whole covid crap seems like a short dream, it went by fast. The holy spirit will make the time go fast thru this. You must keep the faith, obey Jesus’s laws, and listen for his instructions, and pay no mind to your critics. they are fools.

  16. Wouldn’t this be a perfect time to arrest the Nazi offspring while he in NY! Also, there are only so many of them and their money supply is not unlimited. I do believe BlackRock has filed for BR.

  17. Just went through worst SEVERE FLOODING EVER SEEN.FORT LAUDERDALE a 1 in 1,000 year FLOOD weds apr12th 2023 yester day.Close to two feet in less than 24hrs.CHANCE IS 0.1% WAR WEATHER with microwaves so high whiteout unseeable driving saw 100`s OF CARS SWAMPED AND CRASHED plus days on end of rain in ditches.TWO FOOT OFF GROUND CAR SURFING to interstate 95 HIGH GROUND

  18. RECORD Rains in florida have stopped fOOD production at many farms flooded out with total crop loses.EVen the tree farms are flooded and some trees dieing from too much water

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