Young School Kids Encouraged To “Kill Trump”

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Young U.S. school kids taught to 'kill Trump'

UCF extremist liberal organization Knights for Socialism are now teaching young school kill President Trump, inciting them to bash his face in with baseball bats. 

On Friday, the radical group held an event where they encouraged school kids to “Kill President Trump” along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and presidential advisor Steve Bannon. reports:

East Orlando Post obtained exclusive footage from UCF College Republican Douglas Mactye, which includes disturbing content involving an elementary to middle school aged student yelling “Kill Trump.” The young children were being encouraged to hit the Pinatas by members of the Knights for Socialism for the duration.

The “Kill Trump” segment can be seen during the ninth minute of the video.

Mactye said it was sad to see his generation act like this. “Time to suck it up, stop crying, and move on.” The footage also shows a bearded man wearing an “Antifa International” sweatshirt, presumably monitoring the event for the Knights for Socialism.

Antifa has been responsible for violent Anti-Trump riots across the country that have resulted in millions of dollars in damage, vicious beatings of Trump supporters, and even shutting down Milo Yiannopoulos’ campus talk at Berkeley. The speech was part of his “Dangerous Faggot” tour that visited college campuses across the United States.

Mr. Yiannopoulos is known for his provocative and engaging speeches criticizing feminism, identify politics, and Radical Islam. His book, Dangerous, shot to the #1 on Amazon when announced and has remained there ever since.

In an interview to campus based mainstream news source Knight News, Knights for Socialism president Dylan J. Tyer claimed the event was not negative at all and completely welcoming. “There’s been no negativity by any means but definitely a lot of interest and a lot of good conversations with people.” However, Tyer is clearly seen in our exclusive footage yelling about “Beating Pete Sessions’ face in,” among other violent profanities.

State Representative Bob Cortes, who represents parts of Seminole and Orange County near the UCF campus, was not happy about the undertones.

“It’s really sad to see young children being indoctrinated to a radical political belief system while touring a college campus. The Knights for Socialism should be ashamed of themselves for promoting hate and encouraging these kids to chant “Kill Donald Trump.” Free speech is one thing, but the message being spread is not what the majority of Americans want to see on college campuses or anywhere else.”

In neighboring Seminole County, Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, one of Florida’s youngest countywide constitutional officers slammed the display from Knights for Socialism.

“This is the result of a generation of kids raising kids. One half of the country relies on the government, while the other half understands the free market. This is trickle down immorality. A vote is like a rifle, it’s usefulness depends on the character of the user. Shame on their parents.”

Graduates are not pleased with the event either. Justin York, a UCF alumnus who once served as Chairman of the UCF College Republicans labeled the event as “extremely hypocritical” and a “red flag.”

“I think it is shocking that the university would permit a group of students to hang pinata-type effigies of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be beaten and battered. Had our CR chapter done anything remotely similar to effigies of former President Barack Obama or former Attorney Generals Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch, you can be sure the public outcry would be swift and the university would have taken corrective if not punitive action. Reports that 5th grade children in the presence of a teacher were exposed to this bizarre spectacle makes this all the more troubling.”

York called on the university to take the “appropriate steps” to insure the safety of all UCF students before things spiral out of control. “This activity coming against the backdrop of a “Leftism Fight Club” should be red flag to the university that it has a growing problem with aggressive, leftist activities. I hope the university will take appropriate steps to insure the safety of all UCF students before things spiral out of control.”

A spokesman for the school said the group is not registered and receives no funding from the university.

“We expect our entire campus community to be inclusive and respect the diverse perspectives of others. In fact, “an open and supportive campus environment and respecting the rights of every individual” is so important to us that it is one of the tenets of the UCF Creed.”

UCF relies heavily on state and federal funding as the second largest public university in the nation.

On February 8th, a local news station reported that parents had emailed the school threatening to pull their kids if they did not ban the Knights for Socialism.

University of College Republicans Chairwoman Karis Lockhart called for an educated debate with the Knights for Socialism, a request she has made multiple times to no avail.

“I hope students walked by that demonstration on campus and realized that there is a problem with radical left’s way of getting things done. I totally understand that they have every right to express their opinions, but I think their “anger” and “stresses” could be better addressed with an educated debate. Instead, they are whacking a Trump piñata and encouraging children to “Kill Donald Trump.”

You can view the entire video below, which concludes with Knights for Socialism members declaring their club chairman as “Supreme Leader” during a cult like exchange.

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