Tom Arnold: Roger Stone “Died in Prison”

Fact checked
Tom Arnold declares Roger Stone died in prison

Anti-Trump actor Tom Arnold hopes Roger Stone will end dead up like Jeffrey Epstein, following Stone’s conviction on Friday.

Journalists who spoke to Stone in the days leading up to the verdict says he fears being ‘Epsteined’ in jail, a reference to the suspicious ‘suicide’ the billionaire pedophile suffered which many people believe was murder. reports: In response to Mike Cernovich, who tweeted, “Roger Stone was prosecuted more aggressively than Jeffrey Epstein, that tells you all you need to know about the rule of law in America,” Arnold responded, “Roger Stone & Jeffery Epstein were very close to Donald Trump. Then they died in prison. Who’s next Pizzagate?”

Despite facing a potential long stretch behind bars, Stone has not yet “died in prison.”

The tweet was also a veiled threat against Mike Cernovich since the tweet was a response to Cernovich, who has mockingly been referred to the as the “pizzagate guy” by the media.

Arnold is clearly suggesting that Cernovich should be the next person to ‘die in prison’ like Epstein and potentially Stone if he is slapped with a lengthy sentence.

This is by no means the first time Arnold has suffered a Twitter meltdown.

Last month, he falsely accused Jack Posobiec of trafficking child porn, opening up clear grounds for a lawsuit.

Earlier that same month, Arnold raised the prospect of another JFK-style assassination after President Trump arrived in Dallas, Texas for an event at the American Airlines Center.

As we previously highlighted, the actor’s wife claimed that Arnold’s obsession with Donald Trump combined with his drug addiction led to the end of their marriage.

“Tom’s fixation on ‘taking down’ Donald Trump was an ongoing issue in our marriage,” said Arnold’s wife, adding “For the past two years it has consumed his life and presented numerous safety issues for our family.”

She also accused the actor of “abuse of prescription drugs,” namely Phentermine and Fenfluramine.