Researchers Claim Object Passing Moon Is Proof Of Alien Life

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Researchers say object passing moon is proof of alien life

A group of UFO researchers have released a video that shows a mysterious object flying in front of the moon, which they claim offers proof of alien life. 

UFO YouTube channel SecureTeam10 obtained footage by a Middle Eastern observatory in Oman, and released it to the public last week. reports:

SecureTeam10 is a group of UFO experts who track down clips, investigate footage, and put their findings out to an eager audience online. In the video, the presenter takes an objective view, explaining that many people have speculated online that the object could really be anything, from ET technology to a man-made craft to simply a meteor.

The presenter notes that the object seems to be giving off some sort of smoke, as if it’s flying by the moon. However, he does provide footage to compare what it looks like when a commercial airliner flies by the moon, and it’s clearly quite different in appearance.

SecureTeam10 owner Tyler Glockner said, “If you’ll notice the way it’s sort of moving sideways across the front of this beautiful shot of the moon here, which also makes it difficult for me to say that it’s an airliner or a plane of some sort.”

To me, it’s not clear what exactly the object filmed is. I do think it’s interesting that this footage hasn’t made any sort of mainstream news, but perhaps that’s because things that relate to UFOs and ETs rarely do. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested in this type of content, but rather simply speaks to the level of secrecy involved with it.

In fact, the most popular FBI document online is a memo regarding a UFO crash that occurred in New Mexico in 1950. This document has been viewed over a million times and is only a page long, but contains information on flying saucers, a subject that clearly fascinates many.

Despite the increasing level of interest, mainstream media and government organizations continuously try to keep us in the dark. Back in January of 2015, NASA cut the feed of a video that showed a small grey object slowly rising and then disappearing. There is no saying whether it’s an extraterrestrial space craft or not, but it’s unidentified, and it’s curious that NASA would cut the feed right at this time.

And on July 9th, 2016, another video from the International Space Station feed showed an object entering Earth’s atmosphere and moments later the feed was cut. Once again, we cannot say whether or not this is an ET controlled UFO, but this was clearly an unidentified object and yet again NASA cut the feed. NASA has intervened and tried to block the public from learning more about UFOs time and time again, but why?