Maxine Waters: Protestors Accomplish More Than Prayer and Legislation, You Should Be ‘Thankful’

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) claims protestors are creating social change where legislation and prayer have failed — and you should be thanking them.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) claims protestors are creating social change where legislation and prayer have failed — and you should be thanking them.

In an MSNBC interview Thursday, Maxine Waters declared that Americans should be “thankful” for the widespread protests — despite many of them devolving into violence, destruction and looting.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

ARI MELBER: As you look back then and look at the work you did then, what’s on your mind in what has and hasn’t happened since then?

REP. MAXINE WATERS: It has been many years since Rodney King, and before that, I was confronting the then-chief of Los Angeles police Daryl Gates, and not a lot has happened. Normally, when an officer kills even an unarmed person, usually a black man or woman, it is deemed a justifiable homicide.

But I want to tell you, I have a very special feeling about what is going on now. I believe that these young people in the streets are truly creating change. I think we’re on our way to the development of laws and practices that we’ve not been able to achieve with all of the struggles we’ve been in about law enforcement, the abuse, and the targeting, and the killing of blacks in particular.

While there are many who are concerned about the protests, I don’t think people need to be concerned about the protests. People should be thankful because these young people are doing what legislation has not been able to accomplish, the ministers begging and praying have not been able to achieve, and it goes on, and on, and on.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • Bad policies & hiring practices too. And Like I said, replace them with people of honor who would rather die that to betray their oaths.

        • Right here. We are not fairy people, we are smothered and not given the platform to be heard – and I’ve not been a key punching couch potato, just ignored as this will be too. By the way, did you know dengue fever is the most sanitized ever in season plague? And – fast acting cures are all around the victims in Asian nations. Just wanted to prove, I not a couch safety seeking advocate….. also known as senior1938voice.

    • It’s because Chauvin knew the guy personally They worked at the sane nightclub doing security I’d bet it was a personal gripe over a drug deal rip off. Course the cops will NEVER want that to get out .Bot good for the image They dont even want anyone to know Chauvin worked for 17 years at that nightclub.

    • I came to the same immediate conclusion at first glance. The ignorance of not knowing or having the fortitude to not follow an unlawful order or procedure. If this was a false flag operation to create a race bait global response – the (perhaps) deadly choreographing could not have been better staged or promoted with free global advertisement. Right down to the final scene, police officers jumped out the back of the ambulance, guns on hips, picked up the (supposed) body or soon to be dead victim, jumped bad in the ambulance (that would soon be a hearse for the maybe not yet dead), while no EMT did any kind of life support at the scene of this great act. If ignorance can be defended, the three supporting role police, dressed in tell tale blue, should get a marvellous and capable defence legal team, even if crowd funded. This is my very distant observation, but one back by more than 81 years of living experience in the public sector.

  1. More than prayer? I don’t think so!!

    “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Js 5:16

  2. And of course it’s all been set up by the very sane legal operation that created it And all the demonstrations are doing is feeding the enemy And they’re so brainwashed with education and media they havent even the foggiest clue .I don’t know her enough to know if shes disingenuous or just genuinely naive Luring then straight into the trap

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