London’s High Court Vows to FORCE Prince Andrew To Face Child Sex Charges: “No One Is Above the Law”

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London's high court vows to force Prince Andrew into court to answer child rape accusations

London’s High Court has promised to force Prince Andrew to testify in a child sex case involving him and other members of the world’s elite.

In a bombshell ruling on Wednesday, the High Court said it would  “take [the] steps” necessary to ensure Prince Andrew receives papers related to a US child sex trafficking lawsuit, so that the case can proceed.

The Duke is being accused by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child victims of rape two decades ago. Virginia Giuffre, the victim, claims she was routinely raped by Prince Andrew on multiple occasions when she was just a teenager.

“The lawyers acting for Ms Giuffre have now provided further information to the High Court, and the High Court has accepted the request for service under the Hague Service Convention,” the London court’s spokesperson said in a statement.

“The legal process has not yet been served but the High Court will now take steps to serve under the Convention unless service is arranged by agreement between the parties.” reports: The court move was hailed by Giuffre’s legal team, which had tried to serve the papers to the prince last week by leaving the documents with an on-duty police officer posted at the Duke’s home in southern England.

“The ruling by the High Court signals its agreement that the requirements for service have been satisfied,” Giuffre’s lawyer, Sigrid McCawley, said in a statement. “Importantly, by directing service, the High Court is putting its own independent, undisputable legal muscle to work in serving Prince Andrew.”

The duke has consistently denied ever having any sexual relationship with Giuffre. Moreover, he flatly rejected even knowing her, telling the BBC back in 2019 that he had “no recollection” of ever meeting her. Despite his remarks, one photograph from 2001 shows him posing with his arm around Giuffre’s waist.


  1. It’s a comical situation really Firstly he shouldn’t, and nor should anyone who has access to a castle simply be able to technically avoid the laws intentions, but yet neither should someone who has already admitted to being the
    one who chatted the accused up be able to say they were raped. That doesn’t make sense and especially not when she first chatted him up at that nightclub in London where she was of legal age. And he shouldn’t be charged with violating the age of consent when his citizenship from his home country are being obeyed. It’s all nonsense and obviously just Spiteful vindictive hatefilled venomous bile rather than reasonable legal process. Now Andy knows what commoners suffer at the hands of the law.

      • His reference is to the abuse of law, and what is happening is an abuse of law. Guiffre has claimed she was paid by Epstein to have coitus with Andrew. That makes her a prostitute. Guiffre is filing a civil suit, in the US against Andrew. To the best of my knowledge, a civil suit for rape is not possible in the UK. That is an abuse of the law. If Guiffre had any action in the UK, it might be for being trafficked at age 17, but that would be a criminal action, and Andrew would be part of that. All this does is feed into the US mindset that its laws apply to the entire world, and its courts will judge the entire world. Any judge with a spine would have told Guiffre’s lawyers that their subpoenas have no enforcement in the UK.

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