Rigged Forever: Dems Vow to BAN Future Recalls After Gavin Newsom’s ‘Win’

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Dems vows to ban future recall efforts following Newsom's win in California

Following California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s victory in preventing his recall this week, the Democrats are now looking at ways to permanently shut the door on any future recall attempts so they can ensure their rule over the state is almost guaranteed.

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder led potential replacements for Newsom by a massive margin, but the “yes” vote was too small to push him over the edge.

Votes are still being counted, and mail-in ballots could take up to a week to arrive, meaning that the margins could change. However, most mainstream media outlets and the Democratic Party themselves have dismissed ideas that this could negatively impact things for Newsom.

Breitbart.com reports: In late July, polls suggested that Newsom was vulnerable to the recall. But as Newsom and the Democrats began to spend money, and the media demonized Elder — often in racial terms — Democrats swung behind their party’s state leader.

Questions will linger about Newsom’s political future. His decision to dine at the elite French Laundry restaurant, in defiance of his own coronavirus restrictions, provided fuel for the recall campaign that it otherwise would not have had.

Moreover, as Elder was being attacked in racist terms — including in Newsom’s presence — the governor did not disavow the views of his supporters, nor did he condemn a violent racial attack against Elder. Should Newsom seek higher office — as many have long assumed he would — his silence will be likely fodder for future Democratic Party primary opponents.

But Newsom ran against “Trumpism” and Republican caricatures, which proved enough to carry the day handsomely.

With recall defeated, Democrats are already discussing ways to shut the door on future recalls, debating ways to reform a process that was established over a century ago in the original “Progressive” era as a last resort to ensure accountability.


  1. The greatest threat to global health so the scientists claim,isnt covid covid covid as the health authorities as agents of the Pope, according to Nuremberg 2.0, allege but climate change.Talking about rigging forever, by propagandas, which Oba madeegal as a weapon to be used by government against their own people, the ZBBC has been doung it forever. Just today on England’s Historic Towns Cardiff was glorified as a town of delight a. D wonder, joy to behold a blessing on the landscape Cardiff was the main exporter of fossil based fuels on the planet, the main outlet for coal powered Continents on the planet a d the instigator, for England, of the entire coal fuelled world. It was the scene of if the first ever million pound deal in. History. The deals that drive climate change to being the trillion pound threat to humanity and the planet, but if course all we hear is its the CCP virus, the fabricated threat of deceit that’s should be held accountable for what they’ve done Such hypocrisy Such dishonesty Such disingenuiry and deceit.

  2. the vote count was rigged, but I am not surprised one bit. The onslaught on the white people will continue in California. they want the all to vacate. the elites have some sort of plan for California and white people are not part of it. they may be clearing it out for the chinese to populate. if you notice, oregon and washington are getting the same treatment. trying to clear out the white man.

  3. They’re TRYING to show you that the right/left paradigm is Bull. But it’s not breaking through to the majority of the people.

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