Nasty Nancy: All Americans Fully Support Our Strict Gun Control Bill

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Nancy Pelosi says all Americans love Democrat gun control bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi boasted Thursday that the strict gun control bill is “overwhelmingly” supported by all Americans.

Pelosi spoke just before the House was scheduled to vote on the legislation on Thursday, and CSPAN aired her comments.

She declared:

There is nobody in Congress whose political survival is more important than the survival of our children. We think this should be bipartisan to Congress, as it is in the country. Overwhelmingly, there is broad support for background checks legislation, so we hope with the big strong bipartisan vote we have today to send it over the Senate, the drumbeat across America, that the change will come. reports: Pelosi added, “This legislation…will save lives.”

During the same press conference, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said, “Background checks is supported by 90 percent of Americans.”

California adopted universal background checks in 1991 but South LA witnessed a 742 surge in shooting victims the first 16 days of 2021 alone.

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