Aids and Ebola – The Greatest Crime In Medical History

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According to Johan Van Dongen “Aids and Ebola is the greatest crime in medical history against mankind”.

In an article titled “BIOTERRORISM WITH EBOLA AND ORIGIN OF AIDS” Johan Van Dongen writes:

Bio-terrorism with Ebola and Aids

In our book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind”, we revealed that Ebola can easily be frozen, dried, harvested on the kitchen table and release as a bio-weapon. In fact, terrorist can easily contaminate themselves by visiting Ebola isolation units in Western African countries and blow themselves up in crowded areas anywhere in the world. Even so in our book we revealed the German origin of Aids and Ebola for biological warfare purposes.

But we are still wondering why Dr. Liu only talks about terrorists. Is she not informed well enough or doesn’t she dare to speak freely at all?

German origin of Aids and Ebola for biological warfare purposes

According to the definition of the World Health Organization WHO, Aids is the result of an infection involving the immunodeficiency virus HIV-1 and HIV-2. Yet in a lot of cases, humans suffer from Aids without there being evidence of those two viruses in their blood. And this phenomenon is already known long time ago. In fact it is the statement of the German Reichs Ministry of Defense, which regretted in its Bulletin that: “It was not yet established how this infection naturally occurred.”

After Johan van Dongen has discovered that experiments with Aids viruses already took place nearly a century ago, he dug in into the library of the pharmaceutical plant Solvay Duphar Weesp in the Netherlands, and there he discovered several articles of a German scientist called Lührs. This German scientist within the period of 1917 till 1923, he described an Aids-like virus in horses.

This Aids-like virus, named: “Equine Immunodeficiency Anemia Virus”, appeared to Johan out of the blue and after ample investigation he discovered that Aids-like viruses occurred in almost all animals. You’ve got for instance FIV and SIV respectively, a feline and monkey Aids virus, but the most important thing is that all viruses are practically identical to HIV-1 and HIV-2.

So indeed the German Reichs Ministry of Defence knows exactly that: It was not yet established how this infection naturally occurred because they knew it all along. According to their own publications during the above mentioned period nearly 28,000 horses were infected with Aids causing viruses.

Scientist Lührs continued his experiments thereafter because in Februari 1925 the Berlin Reichs Ministry of Defence issued a “Memorandum on the use of pathogens as a weapon in times of war.”

Within this Memorandum they stated: “The possibility of experimentally producing safe epidemic outbreaks which would have a sustained detrimental effect on the enemy’s power of resistance.”

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