Zika Virus Can Be Purchased Online Courtesy Of Rockefeller Foundation

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Zika virus can be purchased online thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation

Over the last few days it has emerged that the Zika virus can be traced back to the Rockefeller Foundation, and that the virus itself can being purchased online to anybody holding a level-2 biohazard qualification. 

It’s conceivable that a bioterrorist organization could easily set up a level-2 biohazard lab in order to acquire the Zika virus and use it against humanity.

Naturalnews.com reports:

Some of the alt. media have misreported the Zika virus as being “patented” by the Rockefeller Foundation. We have not been able to find any patent on the virus, but we have found numerous references to the virus being “isolated” by Dr. Jordi Casals who worked for the Rockefeller Foundation.

According to this NYT article, Dr. Casals died in 2004 at the age of 92. He was also the discoverer of the Lassa Virus and was nearly killed by it in 1969.

As the NYT reports:

Jordi Casals-Ariet was born in Viladrau, Girona, in Spain on May 15, 1911. He served with the Spanish Army before earning his medical degree from the University of Barcelona in 1934. After interning there, Dr. Casals moved to Manhattan and worked at Cornell University Medical College from 1936 to 1938, when he joined the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research in Manhattan.

The Rockefeller Foundation, of course, is the same globalist institution that helped destroy alternative medicine while establishing a market monopoly for pharmaceutical-based medications and vaccines.

Purchasing Zika virus online

Natural News confirmed that live Zika virus specimens can be purchased online from at least two science research cell line providers.

ATCC, found at this link, offers a Zika Virus VR-84 strain for $516.

BEI Resources, found at this link, offers three different strains of Zika Virus: Zika virus MR 766, Zika virus IbH 30656 and Zika virus DAK AR 41542.

See screen shots here:


Both ATCC and BEI are currently sold out of Zika virus inventory. “Due to the recent high demand, the strain is currently on backorder pending production of a new lot,” says ATCC.

BEI states, “This item is currently in production. Please allow ample time for distribution lots to be made available. Quantity limit per order for this item is 1. This item can be ordered twice a year. Orders over this limit will be sent to NIAID for approval before shipment.”

Are restrictions on sale of Zika virus adequate?

Both ATCC and BEI limit their sales to level-2 biohazard labs, but beyond that, there seem to be no limitations on who can purchase Zika virus samples. Because I run a forensic food science lab, I’m very much aware that laboratories are able to purchase some astonishingly dangerous substances over the internet. For example, I can readily purchase something like hexavalent chromium in liquid form, which is an extremely dangerous substance in terms of its chemical toxicity. (My own lab, however, doesn’t mess around with infectious biohazard viruses. That’s insanely dangerous and not our area of focus… mostly, we just purchase external standards for heavy metals testing and pesticide analysis…)

As ATCC explains:

Zika virus is classified as a biological safety level (BSL) 2 pathogen. In order to request Zika virus from ATCC, requestors and their institutions must demonstrate they have appropriate facilities and safety programs (in accordance with Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) guidelines) in place for the level of the material requested. Only qualified researchers and laboratories are eligible to order and receive Zika virus from ATCC.

Aiding in vaccine research? Or inadvertently supporting bioterrorism?

ATCC says that it is providing the Zika virus for the purpose of aiding researchers in the search for a vaccine or other treatments against Zika. This seems like a reasonable explanation to me. Obviously, various labs around the world need to acquire the Zika virus in some way in order to be able to test possible treatments against it. (But they still won’t dare test any plant-based medicines for fear that they might work better than vaccines and pharmaceuticals.)

As ATCC says in this press release, “ATCC, the premier global biological materials resource and standards organization, is poised to assist the medical and life science researchers that are working to address the evolving concerns around Zika Virus infection.

In order to achieve this, ATCC is apparently producing a much larger quantity of Zika virus than usual, which is also completely understandable given the current circumstances. “ATCC is now working to respond to the greatly increased demand for the Zika virus in an effort to support a better understanding of its biology and to foster development of accurate and dependable diagnostic tests.

The real question in all this, however, is whether ATCC might inadvertently ship Zika virus to some organization intent on using it to commit bioterrorism. This is actually a much larger question than just Zika. All the dangerous viral pathogens that are available through research supply companies — Ebola, Lassa, bird flu, etc. — might conceivably fall into the wrong hands at some point and be used in acts of bioterrorism.

Many in the scientific community, including myself, are very concerned about the ease of availability of these specimens through viral cell line supply houses. What furthers this concern is the new explosion in low-tech, low cost genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR which theoretically might allow a lone bioterrorist to modify pandemic bacterial strains (or possibly even viral strains at some future date) in order to deliberately release them into the public space.

While it’s crucial to support scientific research, I believe we need a much more serious national discussion about the ease at which some of these viral strains can be acquired.

In fact, it is my contention that we’ve already witnessed an act of corporate sponsored bioterrorism carried out by the biotech industry against Chipotle, where E.coli was deliberately sprayed onto Chipotle food using a simple handheld nebulizer.

If evil, profit-driven corporations can pull off acts of corporate sabotage using microbes like E.coli, imagine the havoc they could unleash if they wanted to unleash Zika virus in a place like Miami. It’s worth noting that we’ve already seen shocking statements from many scientists about their desire to use genetically engineered viral strains to accomplish global depopulation goals.

We must be cautious as a society. Thanks to rapid advances in science and genetic engineering, the tools of bioterrorism are increasingly readily available to more nefarious corporations (biotech) and terrorist organizations such as ISIS. With something like a weaponized Zika virus, all it takes is one oversight on the part of lab supply companies to place this virus in the hands of some organization that intends to use it to cause widespread death and destruction.

Remember, building a level-2 biohazard lab might cost $10 million or so, but once that’s done, acquiring Zika virus from ATCC is only $516.

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