Safest place for Tony Blair to avoid plots to kill him is behind bars for his war crimes

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Safest place for Tony Blair to avoid plots to kill him is behind bars for his war crimes

It seems that wherever Tony Blair goes he is threatened with citizen’s arrest for his war crimes. Now it appears he may have been the target of a terror attack.

Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie Booth  may have been the target of a terror attack, according to reports. A trial has just started and is being conducted, mostly in secret, at the Old Bailey.

An excellent article from the Stop the War Coalition suggests the safest place for Blair would be behind bars for his war crimes.

The jury were told that Blair’s address was written on a piece of paper found in car of a British man accused of a terror plot which may have included the assassination of a prominent public figure.

It wasn’t reported which address was on the paper — out of the eight properties the Blairs have accumulated since he left office. These homes are said to be worth £15 million, part of over £80 million he is estimated to have banked in the past seven years.

Blair earns millions a year acting as consultant to merchant bankers, oil companies and some of the worlds most repressive regimes, such as Kuwait, Egypt’s military dictatorship and Kazakhstan, whose president is notorious for torturing opponents of his tyranny. Blair’s companies are estimated to have earned £13 million in 2013 alone.

Blair charters a £30 million private jet to take him for meetings with dictators and despots and to make the speeches which, at up to £250,000 for 30 minutes, make him the world’s highest paid speaker.

Blair should not be surprised that he is a target for blowback from his war crimes. He was warned in February 2003 by the British intelligence services of the blowback that was being risked from military action against Iraq. A month later, he took Britain into the Iraq war.

If Blair had listened to those warnings from his own intelligence services, the 52 travellers who were killed by the London terrorist attacks on 7 July 2005 would still be alive today. In their pre-recorded video, the perpetrators of that outrage tried to justify their barbarism by citing the west’s wars on Muslim countries, and specifically on Iraq.

And what is Tony Blair doing today? As the UN’s Middle East peace envoy, he has seemed to do little outside of calling for more war in the region. Whether it be in Libya, which, following western intervention, has descended into an abyss of lawlessness, chaos and violence. Or in pressing the case for war against Iran. Or in supporting Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’ by slaughtering thousands of defenceless Palestinians — many of the women and children. Or in recommending troops on the ground for intervening in Syria. Or, most unbelievably of all, calling for a new war in Iraq..

How Blair can be so shameless in advocating a new Iraq war beggars belief. In 2003, he and George W Bush used a raft of lies to take Britain into a war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, devastated the country and provoked a catastrophic sectarian civil war. This was the seed bed for the growth of ISIS, the jihardist movement now over-running vast areas of Iraq and Syria.

You would think Tony Blair would stay silent on these issues, given the widely recognised part he has played in the destabilisation of the region for which he is meant to act as ‘peace envoy’. Such is the outrage at Blair’s insatiable war lust that a high profile petition was intiated recently by prominent public figures — including Noam Chomsky, Stephen Fry, George Monbiot and Russell Brand — calling for him to be sacked as Middle East peace envoy.

As it is, Blair is unable to travel anywhere without the threat of a citizen’s arrest for war crimes. There have been at least five attempts. The website has put a bounty on Blair’s head and will pay a reward to anyone who makes an attempt to feel his collar.

But, regretably, there may be others so appalled that a man responsible for such monumental crimes is still free to travel the world, pocketing huge weath and endlessly promoting war — more often than not in Muslim countries — who see terrorism as the means to bring Blair to justice.

This would in fact not be justice and it would only serve to feed the propaganda of the perpetual warmongers. It would also be used for futher attacks on civil liberties, which have been so undermined in the 13 years of the ‘war on terror’.

There is, however, a simple way for Tony Blair to protect himself from attempts at either arrest or assassination. The safest place for him is behind bars at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, awating trial for crimes against humanity.

So, my advice to Tony Blair would be: conduct a citizen’s arrest on yourself and surrender to the authorities charged with bringing to justice those accused of war crimes.

Article Source : Stop The War Coalition

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