Prince Andrew SNAPS at Epstein Child Rape Victims: ‘They Were Sluts’

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Prince Andrew blames child rape victims for being 'slutty'

Royal pedophile Prince Andrew has accused Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape victims of being “sluts” who deserved to be abused.

According to a shocking Sunday Times report, the Duke of York says Virginia Giuffre, who was trafficked to Prince Andrew and Epstein as a teenager, was involved in the “wilful recruitment and trafficking of young girls for sexual abuse.”

The report states:

In a controversial attempt to prove his innocence, lawyers for the Duke of York have painted Virginia Giuffre as an alleged criminal who worked to procure underage “slutty girls” for Jeffrey Epstein, the paedophile billionaire.

They also indicate that by making false allegations against the prince and using up court time, Giuffre is allowing real predators to get away with their crimes. reports: The Prince’s new legal strategy is quite the shift from claiming ignorance to his good friend Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile lifestyle, and risks “victim-blaming” by supporters of Giuffre – who has accused him in a civil lawsuit in New York of “rape in the first degree” and three instances of sexual assault when she was 17.

Giuffre, 38, claims the attacks took place in 2001 in London, New York, and on Pedo Island (Little St. James), owned by Epstein at the time. She seeks “punitive damages” that could end up being millions of pounds.

The late Friday filing by the 61-year-old royal includes a section titled “Giuffre’s role in Epstein’s criminal enterprise,” and alleges that she was involved in procuring minors for Epstein – who was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking underage girls.

Andrew’s filing quotes the sister of one of Giuffre’s ex-boyfriends, who claims Giuffre (then Virginia Roberts) asked her for help to recruit minors.

“She [Giuffre] would say to me, ‘Do you know any girls who are kind of slutty?’” she claims.

“It is a striking feature of this case that while lurid allegations are made against Prince Andrew by Giuffre, the only party to this claim whose conduct has involved the wilful recruitment and trafficking of young girls for sexual abuse is Giuffre herself, including while she was an adult,” the filing continues.

The prince’s US-based lawyer, Andrew Brettler, also points out that Giuffre has profited from her allegations involving Epstein over a number of years and is now set on gaining “another payday” at the prince’s expense.

Brettler suggests that Giuffre’s modus operandi may allow genuine paedophiles to escape justice. -Sunday Times

“Giuffre’s pattern of filing a series of lawsuits against numerous high-profile individuals should no longer be tolerated, as it continues to irreparably harm many innocent people and diverts already limited judicial resources from the adjudication of meritorious claims asserted against those who have actually perpetrated sexual offences against minors,” reads the filing.

Giuffre’s lawyer hits back

In a Saturday statement, Giuffre’s lawyer, Sigrid McCawley said “If Virginia Giuffre had stood silent in the face of outrageous statements like those Prince Andrew routinely churns out — his motion to dismiss the litigation being no exception — the decades-long sex-trafficking ring his friend Jeffrey Epstein operated and he participated in would have never been exposed.

On the subject of money, let’s be clear: the only party to this litigation using money to his benefit is Prince Andrew.”

McCawley also told Telegraph Magazine that Andrew’s infamous interview with BBC‘s “Newsnight” in 2019 “was very helpful for us.”

The prince argued at the time that Giuffre’s claims that she was forced to sleep with him at the Belgravia home of Ghislaine Maxwell in March 2001 could not be true because he had been collecting his daughter, Princess Beatrice, from a children’s party at a branch of Pizza Express in Woking.

McCawley revealed that Beatrice and Sarah, Duchess of York, Andrew’s ex-wife, could be forced to give evidence about the alibi if Giuffre’s lawsuit goes to trial next year.

The Prince’s legal team has argued that a private 2009 settlement between Giuffre and Epstein protects him from liability.

On Wednesday, the a pre-trial hearing will take place before a New York judge in what is expected to be several months of litigation.


  1. This is how they think of everyone. They view you as useless eaters. Here to be used and abused as they see fit.
    They are the problem in this world.
    Breathing demons.

  2. Virginia had been a runaway since she was 13 or 14 She had been working as a hooker on tbe streets for years, every day, before she ever met Epstein let alone Andrew.

    • That may have been the only choice available to her. When children run away from home it’s usually for a reason, and they have no marketable job skills. Anyone who takes advantage of runaway children is contributing to that problem. In this sense they are sociopaths, because they are inflicting mortal damage on society.

    • …Your child ego state support of Andrew is very telling. You assume or presume of know of the young girl’s “failings”… yet you assign blame to her behavior. But Andrew would have been the adult in this situation, so why are you so easily dismiss Andrew’s illegal and corrupt behavior. What? He couldn’t resist? Ha! Ha! ha! What a toad you…and Andrew are…

  3. Psychopaths always blame their victims, for all the evil they commit against them (like Israel) and they also always end up in Hell forever when they die. Psychopaths NEVER admit to any wrong doing. They always put on a false facade of goodness to hide the truth about how evil they are (Israel). They always LIE and Lie and Lie to convince people everyone else is guilty and they are sinless superior beings, who have every right to exact revenge on anyone else they lie about and defame and call sluts or terrorists, when they truth is: Andrew is a perverted sex obsessed, Horney old ugly man who no woman would want to have touch them, so he has to do it to slaves, sex slaves provided by other psychopaths, who doing no other work except being a pimp for the elite, go around calling themselves “billionaire Hedge fund managers” when they are sick depraved pimps who are provided the most expensive home in Manhattan for 1$ because it is a brothel for ugly unattractive stinky old men like Andrew who could not get any young virginal $%^^& any other way. He is a pedophile pervert with no morals, like Isreal that is the sex slave capital of the entire world and ran Epstein and his ugly ugly Gizlaine road kill looking, evil @$$ *&^%#. He has no regard for his victims and no remorse for his crimes, like Israel. We all know who he is the whore of: Israel.

  4. A child being from a lower class than a Royal or Politicians gives them no right to rape and abuse them . It seems the Politicians of the world have become the criminal class of Pedos, and abusers.

    • Droit du seigneur[a] (‘lord’s right’), also known as jus primae noctis[b] (‘right of the first night’), was a supposed legal right in medieval Europe, allowing feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women, in particular, on the wedding nights of the women.

      • I am aware and beget the the revolution to over throw the draconian unwritten laws of the Lords. Also the basis of the book and movie Brave heart as you already know. So we stand today to Resiste all of those whom oppose our freedom and all of the unwritten unlawful rules of the Lords . We either stand together or we will all lose our own love of life and those around us.

    • Nobody was raped, not once.
      No body was abused (except by the media)
      The girl in question was a prostitute selling her vagina for money.

  5. I did not have sex with that underage girl and even if I did she was a teen slut….. Sounds like a strong defense

  6. All the world’s a stage, all and sundry being well and truly played: Hoax in the 33rd degree, Espswine alive and well and living in Israhell, Ponce Andrew and his handlers playing to the gallery, as no crime is too big for that Royal Decree, just ask Saville and the BBC!

      • APE Retort: Ah, ’tis the triggered tail gunner, back for another thrashing, but then what can one expect from a Biden-Barry-Buttleak defect, a soy boy for Michael to enjoy, on its knees, rear-ended with ease, the Tribe’s concubine, whining up and down the line.

  7. Inbred royal j3wish families and their aristocracy… LIE
    it’s partly religious as a luceferian, partly as jewish, and mostly
    They believe they’re Better than humanity.

  8. Royal pedophile Prince Andrew

    This is a patently false statement. A pedophile is a person interested in pre-pubescent children. There is no more evidence that Prince Andrew is a pedophile than there is he had sexual relations with the serial liar, Virginia Guiffre. She accused the thoroughly despicable Dershowitz of the same thing. Dershowitz proved he was elsewhere on the dates she accused him, which is why he is suing her for defamation. She lied about Al and Tipper Gore being on Epstein’s island. She lied about her age when she met Epstein. That doesn’t make Andrew a swell guy, it only proves Guiffre is a proven liar.
    If you think someone like Andrew, on the spur of the moment, jumps in his car and says I’m going to Maxwell’s flat, think again. His security team would have cleared the way first. Other than a photo of the two of them together, with Maxwell in the background, there is no known evidence to substantiate her claim. By evidence, I mean documentation, not inference related to a photograph. Before you go there, Andrew didn’t say he never met her, he said he had no recollection of meeting her. I’m sure Jo Anne Worley doesn’t remember having her picture taken with me on Sunset Blvd in 1969.

  9. When will the British people finally have their own revolution? This is the great test. It’s either going to be the permanent fall of the Aristocracy or the permanent enslavement of the British people. Freemasonry and the Aristocracy must be eliminated permanently. They are terrorist organizations.

  10. Pedophiles have no shame, or remorse.

    For the sake of ALL children, they need to be quarantined from society,

  11. come on seriously. the world cares? hell no! the world doesn’t even care that they are being denied their right to be free.

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