Is The New Cold War No One Wants To Talk About Days Away From Turning Hot?

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As much of the mainstream media continues to push the government agenda and keep people focused on other things – many seem to forget that we have been creeping slowly into a massively tense situation with Russia.

There are many, many situations that have occurred in the last 8 months between Russia and America that lead many to feel we are in a “cold” war, yet no one seems to want to actually say the words.

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Something is heating up.

According to an article titled “Warning, Danger Ahead! Beware! Obama To Give Lethal ‘US Aid’ To Ukraine By End Of Week, Russia’s Response To Follow!” [1]:

With Vladimir Putin, “the wounded animal”, now on the verge of declaring war against America, this linked story excerpted below from Zero Hedge gives us all the information that we need to know that this new ‘cold war’ with Russia is about to ‘turn hot’. The videos below from Fabian4Liberty and WatchmansReport2127 elaborate upon what the MSM refuses to tell us as Barack Obama plans on signing off on ‘lethal aid’ to the Nazis in the Ukraine, giving Russia all they need to launch a pre-emptive attack upon the Ukrainian Nazis, and launching the entire world into potential nuclear annihilation, as soon as the end of this week. The story from Zero Hedge is called: “Obama To Sign Off On Lethal US Aid To Ukraine By End Of Week, Russian Response To Follow”; what Russia’s response might be is outlined in the 1st video below from WatchmansReport2127 called “Breaking!! Putin is on the verge of declaring war with the USA!”

As we reported over the weekend, in the tumult surrounding Citigroup’s annexation of Congress with the passage of the theatrically dramatic $303 trillion derivative quid-pro-$1.1 trillion spending quo, what most missed is that Congress also unanimously passed the The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which not only expands Russian sanctions (read the details here) but far more impotantly, provides “lethal assistance to Ukraine’s military.” And as we explained, passage of this law is just the pretext some Russian legislators needed to push for a full-blown, preemptive military incursion in east-Ukraine.

And with that, US “lethal aid” will shortly begin arriving in Kiev, which in turn will be just the pretext needed by Sergey Lavrov and the Kremlin to escalate the recent events in Russia as a direct attack by the West, and to demand retaliation against a US president who “does not reason” as the Russian media will appeal to the population in an attempt to “rally round the flag“, and as a result Russian tanks may have no choice but to enter the separatist territories in East Ukraine.

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[1] Warning, Danger Ahead! Beware! Obama To Give Lethal ‘US Aid’ To Ukraine By End Of Week, Russia’s Response To Follow!



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