Trudeau’s Former Security Warns Elites Planning ‘False Flag’ To Discredit Freedom Convoy

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The elites are planning a false flag to discredit the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest in Ottowa, according to Justin Trudeau’s long-term personal security and former Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, Danny Bulford.

According to Bulford, the elite establishment in Canada, headed by frontman Trudeau, are running scared as public opinion continues turning against them and in favor of the peaceful protest in Ottowa. A false flag in which firearms are planted on the peaceful protesters would allow the establishment to forcibly dismantle to protest.

The warning comes after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau activated rarely used emergency powers in an effort to crack down on the protests against mandatory vaccinations and the brutal restrictions that have taken away the freedom of the Canadian people.

Today on Feburary 14 we received information from multiple believed credible sources that firearms may be planted in Ottowa, specifically around the Freedom Convoy, to discredit the protest and to use as a pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protesters.

Due to the nature of this information we felt in prudent to notify the public in the interests of their safety.”

This private intelligence correlates with the approximately two thousand firearms stolen in Peterborough on Sunday morning, February 13. Our sources have notified us that these weapons may be planted by nefarious elements and at this point we have no further knowledge about who is behind this act of sabotage.”

As soon as we received this information we notified the appropriate authorities with whom we are collaborating including the Ottowa Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Parliamentary Protective Service.

Many of us have left our homes to come here and demonstrate peacefully. We are all pleading with the police, do not act indiscriminately.

We are pleading with all scrupulous journalists, please turn your investigative talents to this matter.

We expressly affirm the principal that change can only occur within the democratic process. We have never, nor do we intend to step outside the democratic process. Public and police safety remains our paramount concern.”

The news comes after Justin Trudeau’s own half-brother, Kyle Kemper, admitted that the Prime Minister is a pawn of the global elite in service of the New World Order. Kemper went on to claim that Justin does not write his own speeches or tweets but instead performs scripts written for him by his globalist overlords.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. I was thinking that the old man 4″10′ that the police were strong arming was a ruse, bait for the truckers to kick the cop’s arses. The old man was a crisis actor i am sure. but the truckers didn’t bite the bait. good for them. some one needs to dig into that old man to see what his background is.

  2. You will always loose if you allow totalitarian government to exist, because it will continue to escalate in oppression, impoverishment and murdering of everyone. Protesting, marching, voting, under totalitarian rule accomplish absolutely nothing as the protestors, marchers, voters are appealing to the ‘rightness’ of a system that has no rightness, as well as appealing to the moral sense of your oppressors as they have no moral sense. As well as do nothing to end totalitarianism. You still have totalitarian-rule when you wake up in the morning. This totalitarian oppression is coming from a monolithic-global system that has conspiratorially conscripted vast human and physical, resources into a highly knit system that includes the realms of military, diplomatic, media(propaganda), economic, scientific, injustice-legal-systems, educational, political, etc., that have agendas, all detrimental to humanity. One of their agendas is to depopulate the planet down to over 95% of it’s present population. This monolithic global system in it’s totality affects humanity negatively in all spheres of human existence(totalitarianism) and threatens the very survival of everyone. This global monolithic conspiratorial system controls over 95% of the world’s governments.The ONLY way to deal with this totatarianism on super-steroids is for the people to totally and violently eradicate it, primarily by guerilla warfare and tactics. Fortunately, history has proven time and again that a determined few, as few as 3-5% of the population, if determined enough, can and has eradicated the most powerful enemy, even in modern times. The braindead, willingly/blindly-led, stand-for-nothing, fall-for-everything, weak, indoctrinated, tyranny-worshipping masses have never, contrary to popular opinion, thrown off their chains of slavery; it’s always been the determined few that’s done so. Organize into guerilla armies and units, nationally in every country. You have the power. The guerillas will first have to kill down to insignifcant numbers the police and military personnel, the state’s enforcement component. This will pave the way for the guerillas to totally destroy the government’s infrastructure; finally the perps, and their minions can be tracked down apprehended and killed, which will be the last step, because they pose less danger once their enforcement component is wiped out, and many are mere order takers anyway; but they must be killed as part of the RECKONING(a comhination of justice and payback). Failure to attempt this will result in suicide-by-government!

  3. Martial law is a positive thing for the people. Why? The main reason is that it can and will provide a spark to cause many of the people that are going to fight in the upcoming SHTF war for the survival of mankind to so. And that begining will be to violently engage in guerilla war to eradicate this totalitarian governmental rule here and globally. Secondly, martial law is good because the totalitarian government was going to eventually institute it anyway, as it is part of their agenda(s). Why not get it done, so that the righteous war against oppression can go ahead and take place, vs living under increasing escalating tyranny till it takes place later anyway? Thirdly-Fighting this tyranny is the right thing to do and must be done for the survival of humanity.

  4. Course Typical Stage managing street theatre to serve their “morality” is TRADITIONAL behaviour. It’s propagandas aka deceits and lies and distortions slanders and defamation and sabotage and framing and setting up. The foundations they use to build their mansions of power.

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