Two Nuns Trapped In Lift Drank Own Urine To Survive

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Two Nuns

Two Nuns from the Marist Sisters’ convent in Rome were forced to drink their own urine in order to survive.

The sisters were trapped inside a faulty lift in a building for three days. They had no access to food, water or a mobile phone, and the building was empty of other occupants.
The sisters were eventually rescued after three days surviving on prayers and their own urine.

TomoNewsUS YouTube video report:

The nuns, a 68-year-old from New Zealand and a 58-year-old from Ireland got trapped in an elevator after an electrical fault at the Marist Sisters’ convent in Rome on Friday, the Guardian reported.

Neither of them had a mobile phone. They cried for help but their cries went unanswered as the building was empty at the time, according to the Guardian.

The nuns did not have any food or water and were forced to drink their own urine in order to stay conscious as temperatures reached 34 centigrade over the weekend, the Guardian reported.

The two were rescued on Monday after a cleaner tried to enter the building but failed, who then contacted police, according to the Local.

“The sisters were almost completely dehydrated,” the Local quoted a paramedic as saying. “It’s a miracle they were still conscious when the emergency services arrived.”

The nuns have been taken to a hospital suffering from severe dehydration and are expected to make a full recovery.

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