VIDEO: Parents Put Daughter in Front of Drag Queen Dance – it Immediately Backfires

Fact checked
Parents who put young daughter in front of dancing drag queen instantly regret it

A disturbing video has emerged of a young girl being seated “front and center” for a drag queen while her parents watch and cheer.

The video was discovered on TikTok, and was posted by somebody who obviously doesn’t comprehend the inappropriateness of the video.

“This sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view,” the person who uploaded the video commented.

“Here’s a drag queen dancing suggestively for a young girl while the adults look on and cheer,” tweeted Matt Walsh.

Well, since the video began widely circulating on Twitter, Americans have become livid with the parents for putting their daughter in such an awful position.

“So…disturbing…. 1. This tells you something about the morality of the drag queen thinking it’s ok to do this in front of a child. 2. Then it tells you those adults should not be parents…and that room is full of morally depraved individuals…” tweeted Will Campbell.

“Our culture is complete garbage. In no universe should ANYONE dance like this in front of a CHILD. WHY ARE THE ADULTS/PARENTS CHEERING?! You call it ‘drag queen acceptance,’ I call it what it actually is: Pedophilia normalization. Don’t @ me on this,” tweeted Ginny Robinson.

“My feed today: – Dems celebrating the coronavirus – Dems celebrating the stock market drop – Dems celebrating a drag queen suggestively dancing for a small child – Dems celebrating attacking a street preacher And yet they have the nerve to claim moral superiority…” tweeted Leonydus Johnson.

“Heartbreaking. Soul shaking. Fresh hell. A drag queen dances suggestively for a very young girl, while the adults in the room look on with sick twisted glee. Child abuse. End of,” tweeted Teagan Reilly.

“We are doomed as a society… Take away the fact that it’s a drag queen, dancing like that for a child is just wrong and disturbing… Parents should be ashamed of themselves!” tweeted Matt Gabbola.

“There is no place on this earth that this should be allowed to happen to a child. I fear for our children’s future. This is unacceptable. This is child abuse. This is vile. God help this little girl,” tweeted Femme Fatale.