Twitter Policy Director Confesses ‘Deep State’ Is Eliminating Independent Media: “ALL Big Tech Companies Are Colluding With Them”

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Twitter policy director admits Deep State are working with Big Tech to remove independent media from the online world

The third instalment of the “Twitter Files” was released on Friday evening, and it vindicates everything independent media outlets have been saying for years.

According to the documents, every single Big Tech giant is colluding with the ‘Deep State’ to eliminate independent media outlets and free thinkers from their platforms.

Journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday dropped part three of the “Twitter Files”.

According to files, Twitter executives were regularly meeting regularly with the FBI in an ongoing effort to censor conservatives, independent journalists and President Donald J. Trump. reports: Now-fired Twitter executive Yoel Roth was meeting with the FBI and other government officials weekly!

This is a huge release.

It also happens to coincide with the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit with plaintiff Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit on government and social media collusion to silence conservative voices in America today.

This is really BIG NEWS!

Taibbi posted incriminatting text messages from Twitter Policy Director Nick Pickles.

In Taibi’s 20th tweet tonight Twitter admits Yoel Roth was meeting weekly with the FBI!


  1. “Twitter admits Yoel Roth was meeting weekly with the FBI”

    What more proof do we need that our world is run by the zio-fascists???

  2. Look, “They’re, all in it together” Princess Diana.
    They cover all the bases,. They operate like 8 year olds but project a sophisticated Intelectual image. They operate as children.
    Fundamentally a gang. They use sophisticated names for their gang to appear mature adult brave inteligent responsible courageous blah blah blah, and the dumb arses, all wanting to be aboard the good ship lollipop play along and soon enough start believing their own propagandas.
    “and in the end times the deceivers r themselves shall be deceived” The Bible.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, in Crown Canada, 10 people opposing red rivers diamond drilling have all been stabbed to death by a lone nutter, and maybe lone nutters brother too, both of whom have conveniently “died”, so case, solved and red rivers can flow.. Etc etc etc whilst the world’s watching cricket or bei g alternative and discovering covid jabs are not what they seem. All very entertaining and novel. Nothing like repeats is there.

  3. The cabal was sure they controlled every needed area to rule the entire world with the satanic NWO. They forgot about God Almighty, who will destroy them as easily as he did the entire Egyptian army in the Red Sea.

    • The earth is not GOD`s KINGDOM and gets burned up at the end of time IF you read the bible or see it as GOD`s word!.

      • God created everything & it all belongs to HIm. You need to read the Bible as it states that God creates a new heaven & a new earth.

  4. twitter is CLEANin files of ops SO all those years of undercovers work goes away like the night cryin cat in a bucket on a stangle pole like round here killin in the name of SA-ssy

  5. JOHNNY IN THE SKY with MY DIAMONDS alway cleans out the files ONLINE like yahoo face our story SOP of operations.JOHNNY is a A.I drone now first designed by a eight year old with a tiny AC motor some wires to a tiny battery and a fish line tither to fly it around with, it worked and went worldwide 50 year later.Their tech is older than I`am same as their SOP

  6. THey channeled and control and stole and operate HHMI`s one trillion every ten years-so 100 billion dollars every year in endless howard hughes`s royulitys as he was snuffed out like a old cancer stick coma La`mex dirty seven texas judges&harold lummis.SO the nettys and johnnys have 100 billion a year forever to do nothing and set on their hands OR to play GOD with on the black&white masses.

  7. MUSK is cleaning OUT all the files as the ONE% assigned him to do like is the SOP of the control group nothin new here move on

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