GOP Vow To Launch Criminal Investigation Into Fauci After Midterms

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Republicans vow to launch criminal probe into Fauci after Midterms

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s attempts to distance himself from Covid-19 won’t stop Republicans from criminally investigating his ties to the virus’s lab-leak origins and his illegal mishandling of the crisis, several GOP members declared on Monday.

Sen. Rand Paul issued a terse warning regarding Dr. Fauci’s imminent resignation, saying the NIAID director will still be asked to testify before Congress.

“Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic,” Paul commented Monday in response to news Fauci would leave his post of nearly 40 years in December.

“He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak.” reports: Paul has frequently engaged in tense arguments on the House floor with Fauci over the NIAID director’s failed Covid-19 policies and BS recommendations.

As reported by Becker News, Sen. Paul back in December appeared on his father Ron Paul’s Liberty Report program and broke down his criticism of Fauci.

“All these blue state governors listen to him and think that it’s science to close a restaurant at 10 o’clock at night or to say that we have to have 25 percent of patrons,” he said.

“There’s no evidence that any of the mitigation, any of the rules, and mandates changed the trajectory of the virus at all,” he added.

Fellow Kentucky GOP Rep. James Comer additionally blasted Fauci’s ties with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and other suspect entities, saying those relationships will definitely come under close scrutiny.

“We need to know if Dr. Fauci concealed anything from government officials in order to shield the NIH’s cozy relationship with EcoHealth Alliance,” Comer tweeted Monday. “EcoHealth awarded taxpayer funds to the Wuhan lab to conduct risky research on bat coronaviruses.”

“Retirement can’t shield Dr. Fauci from congressional oversight,” Rep. Comer wrote in another tweet.

Moreover, House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Fauci’s poor guidance recommending the closures of schools and businesses, and predicted a GOP majority in the House after the midterms would “hold him accountable.”

“He owes the American people answers,” McCarthy tweeted Monday.

Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) likewise commented the longtime government minion would be held to account “for the mistakes he made and the lies he told.”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) added Monday Fauci should be made to answer over his abuse of public trust.

Republican Senate candidate Eric Schmitt (Mo.) told Fauci via Twitter Monday to “clear your 2023 calendar for Senate hearings that will focus on your lies & deceit that destroyed lives & livelihoods,” referring to the arbitrarily-imposed Covid lockdowns that destroyed small businesses, wrecked the US economy and kept people apart from loved ones.

Fauci released a statement Monday announcing he’s leaving his position of 38 years “to pursue the next chapter of my career.”

“While I am moving on from my current positions, I am not retiring. After more than 50 years of government service, I plan to pursue the next phase of my career while I still have so much energy and passion for my field. 

“I want to use what I have learned as NIAID Director to continue to advance science and public health and to inspire and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders as they help prepare the world to face future infectious disease threats,” he ominously wrote.

As noted by Dr. Peter McCullough, any mention of Fauci’s mismanagement of the Covid crisis was left out of his resignation letter.


    • There’s nothing wrong with Fauci that could not be cured with a little “aggressive questioning”. According to autopsies by US military doctors, we were quite “enthusiastic” at Abu Ghraiband many other locations.

      • “Aggressive questioning” – I like that, very creative. If anyone deserves it, it would be Fraudci. That little creep is responsible for so much of the world’s misery.

  1. This guy has already killed millions and on his way to kill billions more people. The “Vaccine’ is about Population Control, and that’s it.

  2. the owners of the federal reserve bank owns the FBI, DOJ, Judges, and they are protecting him, he knows it. As long as the Federal Reserve Bank has the charter to print our currency, we will never have a just society.
    “Give me the authority to print a nation’s money, I care not what her laws are” said a drunken rothschild at a dinner party.

    • Steve Bannon is saying we need to take down the Federal Reserve. Saudi Arabia is wanting to join BRICS countries who back their currency with precious metals, etc. Soon as S.A. joins BRICS and backs their currency, our U.S. petrodollar becomes worth zero. When that happens, my guess is Federal Reserve ceases to exist, they will be worth zero and have nothing – and they will NOT be happy.

  3. Grow up you RWNJ’s! It was the runaway Trump Virus and freedom stealing Lockdown Trump that you should liquated!

  4. Fauci will never be help criminally responsible. This stunt by the GOP ignores their own roles in establishing and funding and cheer leading Fauci and the Fauci Regimes. Trump himself has yet to back-step any of his enthusiasms for the Jab and mask and lock-down mandates.

  5. He will probably be moving to Argentina to a mansion next to Dr. Mengele so they can compare notes on mass murder.

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