President Macron Booed By Entire Stadium As He Opens Rugby World Cup

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President Macron

French president Emmanuel Macron was booed as he took to the pitch of France’s national stadium for the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup on Friday.

As Macron went to take the podium at the Stade de France, rugby fans launched into a sea of jeers.

He was barely audible as he took to the podium and for some reason appeared surprised at his ‘greeting’.

Breitbart reports: In one of his most visible public appearances since his country was thrown into chaos over his controversial pension reforms and racially-inspired riots over a police shooting of an Algerian heritage teenager, President Macron did not receive a warm welcome from the French people at the Stade de Frace at the Rugby World Cup.

While the opening ceremony saw a myriad of French celebrities embraced by the crowd, this was not the case for the embattled globalist leader, whose appearance at the match sparked a wave of boos from the stands.

Appearing before a mock Eiffel Tower, Macron — who once promised to govern the French Republic like the Roman god Jupiter — appeared to be surprised by the backlash from the public.

Although Mr Macron secured reelection last year, his popularity among the French people has cratered since then, with the country suffering under a cost of living crisis as a result of the Chinese coronavirus lockdowns and the war in Ukraine.

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