‘No White Men’ Will Hold Major Office In New Prime Ministers UK Government

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The UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss is expected to appoint a Cabinet with no white men in the four great offices of state for the first time in history according to reports.

The new leader is set to name a cabinet that will contain zero white men, according to the Times

“Great offices of state set to contain no white men” the headline read.

The PM’s new likely top team is also being described as the most right-wing government in a century.

The Mail Online reporst: Ms Truss is expected to make long-term ally Kwasi Kwarteng chancellor, with Suella Braverman moving to the Home Office and James Cleverly to the Foreign Office.

If selected, Mr Kwarteng would be the fourth non-white chancellor in a row, directly following Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak and Nadhim Zahawi.

And Ms Braverman would become the third minority home secretary, after Priti Patel and Mr Javid. 

Mr Cleverly, currently the Education Secretary, would become the first ever non-white foreign Secretary.

But equally as interesting as who will be in the new Government is who will not be in it. 

There is expected to be a clear out of Rishi Sunak and his supporters after a bitter blue-on-blue campaign in which he seems almost certain to be defeated.

Into the political wilderness too will go Michael Gove, after serving under the three previous PMs. Dominic Raab, the First Secretary of State, and Boris Johnson himself, are expected to return to the backbenches. Both have question marks over whether they can hold on to their seats at the next election.

There is also expected to be a clear out of political advisers  within No10. The Times today suggests only a handful of long-serving advisers will be kept on as Truss seeks to slim down the operation.


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  2. The UK has been circling the drain for awhile and will finally go in the drain with this lunacy. Women in power are a disaster.

  3. Well under Booboo Johnson the tories lost more seats than ever before including their most longest held traditional seats of decades so the advisors are up the creek anyway. And after Boo Boo England will be pleased to see no more blonde haierd blue eyes peering at them from behind a face full of scotch and a smuger than Thou expression too

  4. BTW the BBC news wanchor that announced the ascendency of the new girl to pm gave the Freemasons symbol triangle hand sign VERY prominently. Up the African Egyptian supremacists Fe fi fo fum I smell the blood of a white English man. And in an apron too. Tik tok.

    • See The Perth Act .They made the queenn sign it here when they made her come and open the Elizabeth Quays (keys). That was fundamental to RESTORING the Catholic MONARCHY IN ENGLAND .That’s the reset .

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