MSNBC Pushes Civil War: ‘We Are at War With Evil Trump Voters’

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MSNBC declares war on Trump supporters

Following President Biden’s satanic speech where he labelled half of all voters in America as “terrorists”, MSNBC fell in line with their leader and declared that Republicans are “evil” and that “we are at war.”

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, fired up after last week’s divisive speech from Biden, told viewers: “Obviously, Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore.” reports: Cross made it clear that she considers “mainstream, establishment Republicans are echoing these calls for violence. All but threatening it.”

In the same show she declared that it feels like a civil war has “already begun.”

During the same segment, Cross AGREED when pundit Roland Martin declared “We are at war with these people. These folks are evil.”

“They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump. He has now dominated the party. This evil is spreading. And when you are in a war footing, you have to respond accordingly,” Martin continued.

“When the enemy is coming at you you, can’t fall down, you can’t break down. This means war,” he added.

Martin further asserted that “It’s about time President Joe Biden decided to get tough. It’s about time his advisers stopped being weak, and stopped being impotent, and not fighting back.”

“You keep hitting! You keep pounding,” Martin proclaimed, further labelling conservatives as “crazed, deranged folks who want to import evil in every facet of our society.”

After Martin finished his totally not crazy or deranged rant, Cross merely stated “yeah—it’s a scary thing to think about. Really.”


After Fox News reported on the outburst, Martin CAPS LOCK ranted on Twitter about meeting him for a “debate”:

So this is what happens when a sitting president calls anyone who disagrees with him politically a fascist.


  1. The world is evil Bottom line everyone’s evil almost really especially the goodies who are the most evil of all. “always the same always the opposite” Same old same old.
    And judgement day is fast approaching, like a thief in the night karma will pounce on the guilty. Hypocrites.

    • actually they are pouring over into the conservative camp lately. many are awakening to who the real racists’ are.

    • GET READY DUDE africa will have a bigger GNP than america soon and america owns more of africa than any other country and china TING TING`s are 2nd move to a cave again? Run white boy run!!!

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