Mumps Outbreak In Arkansas Spread By Vaccinated Children

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Mumps outbreak in Arkansas is only affecting unvaccinated children

A recent mumps outbreak in Arkansas may be as a result of vaccinated children spreading the viral infection, according to figures released by the Department of Health. 

A surge in demand for immunisations as a result of harsh mandatory vaccination laws, saw the highest number of vaccinated children in the last 15 years return to school recently. reports:

Luckily, for those children that have not been vaccinated, the same false sense of security doesn’t seem to apply. Avoiding germs and proper hygiene appear to be the best way to avoid Mumps, not relying on a controversial and highly ineffective MMR vaccine.

As of Monday, the Arkansas Department of Health was following 98 cases. 67 of those had been confirmed through tests.

The Arkansas Dept. of Health says they have seen no cases of the Mumps in people who aren’t immunized.

After a Mumps case was detected at a school in Fayetteville, the school was cleaned and flu shots were offered.

The district also said their records show none of the students in the sick child’s class have exemptions for the mumps vaccine.

The witch hunt is clearly on to try and pin this on an unvaccinated child, rather than face the failed efficacy of the Merck MMR vaccine.

As a precaution, Health Department is also requiring students who are not vaccinated to remain out of school until they have either had the vaccine or for a period up to 26 days.

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