World War 3: Russian Bombers Hit U.S. Base In Syria

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Russian warplane bombs U.S. airbase in Syria, prompting World War 3 fears

Russian bombers have repeatedly bombed a US airbase in Syria used by secretive elite American and British forces. 

The Russian strikes on the CIA-linked base were part of an operation by Russia to force the U.S. to cease its support of ISIS in Syria, and a warning signal that Russia was fully prepared to deal with a World War 3 scenario if America continued on the same course.

Fox News reports:

Despite the fact that some forces could have been killed and the bombing dampened relations between Russia and the Pentagon and CIA, the White House and State Department still persued a compromise.

The U.S. and Russia agreed to a pact last week to target airstrikes against the Al Qaeda affiliate in the region – Nusra Front – despite objections from the Pentagon and CIA. Russia agreed to stop airstrikes on U.S.-backed rebels and restrain the Syrian air campaign. The two sides are still talking about designations where Russia would need U.S. approval to conduct an airstrike.

According to The Wall Street Journal, deal backers in the White House and State Department believe U.S. airstrikes on the Nusra Front in areas that were previously occupied by Russian forces would provide protection for allies in Syria.

However, officials in the Pentagon and CIA contend that Washington bowed to Moscow in the deal and believe that the U.S. needs to confront Russia.

The Russian strike on the base occurred on June 16. The U.S. and British forces help maintain what is described as a buffer zone in Jordan. Forces go into Syria to help protect Jordan from Islamic State, U.S. officials told The Journal. Forces didn’t spend the night, due to security reasons.

Nearly a day before the strike, 20 of 24 British special forces pulled out of the base. The U.S. tracked a Russian plane heading toward the base. The warplane dropped a cluster bomb, according to U.S. and rebel officials.

After the first strike, U.S. central command air operations center in Qatar called Russia’s air campaign headquarters in Latakia, Syria to tell them that the base shouldn’t be attacked.

However, Russian forces struck again nearly 90 minutes after the call was made. Russian pilots didn’t respond to U.S. calls using frequencies the two sides had previously agreed to use in case of an emergency.

At least four rebels were killed in strikes.

Russian officials initially told the Pentagon that the military thought it was an Islamic State facility, but U.S. officials rejected the notion because of what they described as a unique way the base was fortified, The Journal reported.

Russians then said that the Jordanians had given them the go-ahead to strike the base, but the U.S. double-checked and said no such authorization was given. Later, Russia told the U.S. that their headquarters wasn’t in position to call off the strike because the U.S. didn’t provide them with the proper coordinates of the base.

U.S. officials said that the Pentagon had never asked the Russians to steer clear of that area because it wasn’t close to the front lines and Russian aircraft didn’t operate in that part of Syria anyway.

The strike has increased the distrust between U.S. and American forces in Syria. According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. didn’t want to give Russia any more information than they had to.

Since the strike, the U.S. has told Russia to steer clear of the Jordanian border.


  1. “Officials in the pentagon had better straighten up” I think the loyal bush nazis need perp walked. Past and present.

  2. Fox news is not a good source of info, they are lying SOBs and controlled by the elite. In fact no MSM will tell you the truth….. Reading alternative media may be ok, but when they quote Fox news something is not quite right. The question is, who gains from the lies.

  3. Wake up people, you know this is serous when the Fox News Propaganda machine starts spouting their one sided narratives. This isn’t about stroking your EGO, or the importance of “governments looking strong for their country”. This is about a possible World War 3, this could mean the death of millions of lives AGAIN, your families lives, your life, your childrens’. You have to remember no one wants to fight these Government wars, no one wants to be in the middle of this insanity, no one deserves to be bombed, nor has fighting violence with violence ever worked, it just creates hatred so we must do something about it and stand up to our Governments. After wars have ended, or “terrorists” bombed, more terrorists’ and more disdain between countries have been formed to ultimately cause more terrorism and acts of war on each other in the future; ironically all of this is usually formed by said countries who are bombing their own creation, like the U.S created ISIS.

    Let’s stop being fooled by mainstream media and fear mongering information, and please stop making this about murdering to feel better because it doesn’t work, such a Neanderthal mindset, and so much cognitive dissonance — I’d love to see people even mentioning “War” after they walked down a city street of dead children and families. However, this could end up being much worse, If we have a nuclear war because of a bunch of morons spouting ignorant trash and shouting “JUST BOMB THEM” like “Justice” Janine on Fox news, and people actually listening to them as they have, then we won’t have a planet to live on anymore, we’ll all be gone. This is our responsibility, lets stop acting like little children, actually no, children would never do this. War isn’t micro-machine toys, this is children with their brains and limbs blown out on the streets literally, families obliterated, hundreds of thousands of civilian causalities over the course of the last few years for money and power to the Kings and Queens of every country. Imagine losing your entire family because a country decided 10-100 civilian causalities is a successful number to kill 1 supposed terrorist in the area, then learning it wasn’t even about terrorism, but control of that area for profit and land ownership. We live in a world right now with the most corrupt Governments on this planet spouting the most corrupt propaganda on all sides. WAKE UP or WE won’t be waking up anymore. All you need to know is one truth, if it involves war or killing as a solution then its the wrong.

  4. Hmm…sounds to me like a bunch of obfuscation by those who want to keep their little psycho power-groups intact. Nice article Sean Adl-Tabatabai

  5. “The strike has increased the distrust between U.S. and American forces in Syria.” Did you mean to say that?

  6. More new to make people go out and spend money on things they don’t need in so called “preparation” for war.
    Vladimir Putin is all talk, if he were serious about war it would have already started.

    • *American, Israeli, and French bastards.

      Educate yourself before you try to jostle your opinion on the internet. Also, what evidence do you have that supports your incorrect statement?

  7. Great coordinated strike on each other’s base, facilities, terrorist friends. Imperialist capitalists, still fight against each other for bigger share in the war!

  8. Pres.Trump, keep in mind that the Present CIA and a good deal of Pentagon Personal are part of the World Order you are trying to get rid off. You are forced to clean up like Obama cleaned up when he took office.!!

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