UK Primary School Bans Homework Because It Causes Too Much Stress

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Pupils are being encouraged to read for 20 minutes or practice times tables in the evening instead

A UK primary has abolished written homework because it claims it causes too much stress

The school is encouraging pupils to read for 20 minutes or practice their multiplication tables at home instead.

David Perkins, headteacher of Littletown Primary Academy in Devon said the decision was made based on educational research and was taken following a consultation with parents, children and staff

He added that spending 20 minutes reading at home every evening has a greater impact on “pupil outcomes and life chances”.

The Mail Online reports: All pupils will be trying out the unconventional change between now and the end of the academic year, except for those in Year Six.

Mr Perkins told parents that research showed weekly written maths and English homework have little impact, can cause stress to families and is not always valued by staff.

He added that spending 20 minutes reading at home every evening is the single thing that has the most positive impact on pupil outcomes and life chances.

Literacy subject leader Cathy Binmore said: ‘Reading is the foundation that underpins all other learning.

‘Promoting a love of this will set our children up for a life of adventure and intrigue and will enable them to continue learning throughout their lives.’

The school claims research found the best maths homework children can do is practicing times tables.

It will also encouraging pupils to practice their times tables at home too.

The decision to remove homework is part of Littletown Primary Academy’s mental health strategy.

The change is aimed at reducing teachers’ workload and taking the pressure off children and their families.


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