EU Commissioner: News Must Be Strictly Regulated To Stop ‘Hate’

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EU commissioner calls for regulation of all news to stomp out 'hate'

EU Commissioner Věra Jourová has called for strict new regulations around news, both in print and online, to curb the rise of ‘hate speech’ and ‘nationalism’. 

Speaking at the ‘Fundamental Rights Forum’ in Vienna, Jourová said the media must be prevented from “spreading disinformation”.

A “dangerous” version of nationalism is “not only visible in the rising popularity of the extreme parties” but is also evident in the political mainstream, which “accept[s] some part of this rhetoric of division,” the commissioner warned. reports: And I think we all know exactly what she means by “action.” By the way, her full title is European commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality, if you can imagine such a thing.

In other words, if you’re for little or no “immigration,” that’s now called “exclusion.” If you find some cultures (such as your own) worthier than others, that’s “hatred.” If you put love of country over the EU, that’s “dangerous nationalism.” To demonstrate just how far the social-justice Left despises adherents of free speech (which must perforce include “hate” speech), take a gander at this justification for consumer/gender equality fascism. Count the buzzwords:

“Media can build the culture of dialogue or sow divisions, spread disinformation and encourage exclusion,” the commissioner said. “TheBrexit debate is the best example of that.” Politicians should “showresponsibility” and “ restraint,” and must “realize that their words become justification for some people to act on their urges and theirfears.”

The Czech politician pointed to far-right protests in Chemnitz, the “anti-Soros campaign in Hungary or growing anti-Muslim or anti-Roma rhetoric” as examples of when “exclusion, discrimination and lack of respect for minorities have spilled over from the margins to the center and don’t meet enough resistance from the media, politicians or opinion leaders.”

Allow me translate from the original Czech: leaders of the EU, like Democrats in America, don’t want to see one word or image in the press that contradicts their Leftist social opinions, and will soon enough react with the full force of the state to see that they don’t.

The media is “instrumental in holding politicians to account and indefining the limits of what is ‘ unacceptable’ in a society,” Jourová argued, before highlighting the front page of a British tabloid that labeled EU leaders “ dirty rats.”

She also called for potential new regulation for the media, saying she would “advocate for a European approach to media based on quality and smart regulation, if needed,” adding that “we need to keep up our support for public broadcasters and independent media more broadly than just following the laws of markets.”

Truly Orwellian in its fluent Newspeak. And the use of the words “potential” and “if needed” needs no explanation. You’ve been warned.


  1. well hate is what made Empires so great Hate of paganism , hate of chrsitianity, hate of Ilsam , hate of Jews, hate of Rich , hate of poor , hate of colours of cultures of ideologies Shes very silly person Very silly indeed.And what is she now ?Some senior bureaucrat of Distinction and eminence from some Position of Payments to attack anything she deems as hateful What she hates.

  2. Europe brought the enlightenment, so please keep that in mind. It is certainly true that the media is entirely polarized in the USA – creating essentially two separate false realities, both seem to spin their own web of lies around the truth/reality as only God, or else no one knows it. The US type of polarization is bound to increase social tensions and the main thing I read into the European stance is that they want to avoid following down that road. The words are poly-partisanship (Switzerland), bi-partisan (Australia, used to be the USA) or the lack of any of it (the USA now). I think it is important to distinguish between immigration and refugee intake – there is no denying that all this crisis will only increase genuine refugees. Jesus was a refugee – so these european Christian countries are only being true to their foundations.

  3. Corrupt pieces of human shit like her need to be executed immediately with no questions asked.
    How dare they try to make it illegal to publish facts.
    They are shitting themselves because the implementation of the NWO isnt going their way.
    Take them out for the good of the people.
    Civil wars are the only way.

  4. ” Political correctness is a standpoint that does not allow political opposition, this is actually the definition of Dictatorship.” Gilad Atzmon

  5. ok so the EU is shitting their pants……. lol… their verson of the NWO is falling apart at the seams……

    but alas….. their are other versions.. trumps version for example……… there will be a NWO… its just what shape it will take is whats on consideration here…..

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