British Government Puts Russia On Par With ISIS As Security Threat

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Russia has been named as one of the most significant threats to British security today


Britain’s security services have published a new list of what they believe pose the greatest threat to the country.

According to a preliminary review by Britain’s National Security Strategy, Russia has been listed as a potential threat to British security, on par with ISIS.

This creates an apparent paradox as it means that two of Britain’s major threats are currently fighting one another

It also begs the question: which of these threats is the real one?

Sputnik news reports: The new list of potential threats, a key part of the Government’s next National Security Strategy, was put together by the British government following a major security review.

It is scheduled to be announced by David Cameron on November 23.

The Next National security Strategy
The Next National Security Strategy

Russia was put on the list due to the Ukrainian crisis, with uncertainty surrounding the cause of the Metrojet plane crash having increased concerns, according to British media reports.

“The last five years have seen a range of international developments, ranging from the growth of radicalization and fundamentalism, to growing concerns around our energy supply, and rising aggression from Russia,” the summary of the upcoming National Security Strategy report reads.

Russia’s actions in Ukraine have introduced question marks over the role and future of NATO operations in neighboring countries and re-awakened the threat posed by Russia to states in Eastern Europe and the Baltic, some of which are NATO and/or EU member states,” reads the Russia section of the manual.

Unsurprisingly, the threat of international terrorism stemming from ISIL and Al-Qaeda tops the list.

“The interactions between the two organizations, and their encouragement of others to follow in their paths, have renewed and deepened the challenge across the Middle East and Africa.”

Given the Russian military’s campaign in Syria against the Islamic State militants, the inclusion of Russia on the UK security threat list creates a paradox: two of Britain’s major threats are battling each other.



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