Scientists Say Universe Is Part Of 4th Dimension Born From Black Hole

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Scientists Say Universe Is Part Of 4th Dimension Born From Black Hole

A new scientific theory claims our universe was born from an Event Horizon event as part of a second dimension in an enormous black hole gobbling up other universes in the fourth dimension.

At the very beginning of time, around 13.8 billion years ago, there was a hot dense energetic point where the laws of physics did not apply – something scientists today refer to as a ‘singularity’.

The only other place where a singularity occurs in the Universe and all the known laws of physics are temporarily abandoned is at the event horizon of a black hole – which scientists cannot explain.

What is odd about black holes is that the even horizon is two-dimensional in an otherwise completely three-dimensional universe.

Sunday Express reports:

This means that there is something that we are unable to perceive and the theory, which was first suggested in 2014 and is now under serious scrutinisation, claims that our Universe is the result of a singularity of a huge black hole.

In simpler terms, there is a possibility that our three-dimensional Universe is surrounding the event horizon of a four-dimensional Universe.

A 2014 study from the Perimeter Institute and University of Waterloo stated: “In this scenario, our Universe burst into being when a star in a four-dimensional universe collapsed into a black hole.

Re-visiting the theory recently, Ethan Siegel, a professor of physics and astronomy at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, explained how a black hole could have formed in another universe which led matter to “fall” into our Universe.

Dr Siegel wrote for Forbes: “As the black hole first formed, from a star’s core imploding and collapsing, the event horizon first came to be, then rapidly expanded and continued to grow in area as more and more matter continued to fall in.

“If you were to put a coordinate grid down on this two-dimensional wrapping, you would find that it originated where the gridlines were very close together, then expanded rapidly as the black hole formed, and then expanded more and more slowly as matter fell in at a much lower rate.

“This matches, at least conceptually, what we observe for the expansion rate of our three-dimensional Universe.”


  1. For a black hole to form there would have to be energy and matter-matter left over from a event before the bango so TIME is a constant that has no known start or end as matter and energy is NOT TIME just as distant is not time.yes it takes time to go from place to place in SOME cases even at the speed of light but every known event is happening at the same time/time doesn`t wait for us to get from place to place.Something caused the black hole in the first place-the black hole did`nt start or end time it only shows it energy and matter

  2. either space goes on forever never ending or it has a start a end and it`s place anyway you look at it we can`t handle space or no space in the first place

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