Gretchen Carlson: The Morbidly Obese Can Now Enter Miss America

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Gretchen Carlson claims morbidly obese women entering Miss America is part of a cultural revolution

Gretchen Carlson has announced that “women of all sizes” – including those who are dangerously morbidly obese – can now enter the Miss America competition.

Carlson, who is chairwoman of the Miss America board of directors, claims that the new policy not to judge contestants based on their looks is part of a “cultural revolution.” reports: “It’s going to be what comes out of their mouth that we’re interested in, when they talk about their social impact initiatives,” said Carlson, adding, “We’re moving it forward and we’re evolving in this cultural revolution.”

“Cultural revolution” is an unfortunate choice of words given the connotations it evokes.

In a historical context, the “cultural revolution” refers to a socio-political movement undertaken by Chairman Mao and the Communist Party of China from 1966-1976.

The goal of the cultural revolution was to purge society of its “traditional” elements in order to entrench the cult of Maoism as the dominant ideology ruling society.

In practice, this led to the persecution of millions of people across the country, abuse that included mass torture, public humiliation and public execution.

While no one is suggesting that Gretchen Carlson was referring to this period of history, her choice of the phrase “cultural revolution” is interesting nonetheless.

It suggests that the decision to ban Miss America’s swimsuit contest and to no longer judge contestants on their personal appearance is not just a clichéd nod to corporate feminism, but part of the wider culture war.

As I highlight in the video below, after 3rd wave feminism suffered a crisis of credibility in recent years, the entire #MeToo phenomenon is merely an effort to re-brand increasingly unpopular far-left narratives and stoke more gender division.

While Carlson may not be aware of the full scope of what her “changes” to Miss America represent, it cannot be denied that they reflect a wider war on traditionalism and a rebellion against the reality that objective standards of beauty exist and will always exist in spite of the “cultural revolution” currently being waged on our senses by the elite.

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