British Gov’t Launch ‘Urgent Enquiry’ Into ‘Millions of Excess Deaths’ Following Jab Rollout

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British government launching urgent enquiry into the millions of excess deaths since vaccination rollout

The British government has launched an urgent enquiry into the millions of excess deaths that has occurred since the mRNA vaccinations were rolled out in 2021.

According to newly released government data, excess deaths in the last few months were higher than than the whole of 2021 – 67,724 vs 54,770 above the pre-pandemic five-year average – and just a quarter were from Covid.

Unexpected deaths are more than 10% higher than the pre-Covid average, with experts warning we are facing “a catastrophe of equal proportion to the pandemic itself”.

They are calling for an urgent investigation into the causes, with figures showing that there were more excess – or unexpected – losses last year than in 2021.

There were 67,724 extra deaths in England and Wales between April 30th 2022 and April 28th 2023. That is 12.8% above the pre-­pandemic five-year average.

Of these, a quarter were attributed to Covid, with three-­quarters given as non-coronavirus causes.

This excess is higher than the number of excess deaths during the pandemic in 2021. Then there were 54,770 extra, mostly Covid deaths compared to the pre-pandemic five-year average – a 10.3% increase.

Experts have puzzled over the cause of the post-pandemic rise, which has been largely attributed to heart problems or diabetes.

Some blame the long-term effects of delayed healthcare due to lockdown measures, while others point to the record NHS waiting lists.

Cancer specialists are also increasingly alarmed over the delayed diagnoses or treatments translating into increased mortality.

In December, Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England, blamed reduced prescriptions for statins and other cholesterol-lowering drugs during Covid restrictions.

However, other experts argued that statins take a long time to have an effect on reducing heart disease, while an Oxford study ­found there was no reduction in those prescriptions.

Some have blamed an ageing population. But figures show most excess deaths over the past year have been in those under 75, with fewer than expected from conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s.

Last week oncologists re-stated their alarm about a “cancer time bomb”, with thousands of people losing their lives to the disease due to delayed diagnosis and treatment. They predict tens of thousands of excess deaths over the next decade.

Professor Gordon Wishart, a breast cancer surgeon of private diagnostic service Check4Cancer, carried out the cancer research. He said: “The levels of excess deaths we are seeing is a catastrophe of equal proportion to the pandemic.”

Professor Richard Sullivan, at King’s College London, said: “We fear the cancer death waves will get bigger and bigger leading to tens of thousands of lost life years.”

The Department of Health said it had published a recovery plan to combat waiting times, adding: “We are fully focused on improving cancer outcomes.”

Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine said: “How high do excess non-Covid deaths have to go before we do anything about it? We need to urgently investigate what is causing this rise as well as immediately prioritise cancer diagnosis and treatment.”


  1. The Purebloods knew from the start how this story was going to end and could care less about their investigations. The jabbed are too terrified to entertain any information on what happened. After all, once on the train to Treblinka, there is no point in discussing what happens when the train reaches its destination.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. They must be sound sleepers to just now catching on about the death rate of vaccine worshipers.

  3. Of course he wants an inquiry.
    So the inquiry can come up with a judgement that no harm was ever intended, it was all just accidental.
    Random mistakes were made.
    All is forgiven, no one will pay for the consequences of the intentional government mandated genocide of its own people world wide.
    Just like every other phony, fake, fraud, cover up investigations into all the other crimes of the sick sadistic creepy elites. Who wear expensive suits to cover the truth that they are all Freddy Krueger psychopath killers.
    We see them for what they truly are.
    They are the devil.
    They are not good people, they are very bad people and are all a danger to society.
    The excess deaths prove that.
    We don’t need any bloody inquiry to see that truth.
    It is patently obvious.
    The governemnt ordered death jabs to kill us all.

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