‘Thou Shall Not Eat Meat’: Elites Now Using AI To Rewrite the Bible

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Elites using AI to completely rewrite the bible

The globalist elites have begun using AI to rewrite the bible to erase mentions of Jesus Christ and create a fake commandment that bans the consumption of red meat.

The far-left globalists at PETA begun the process earlier this month by rewriting the book of Genesis entitled, “The Book: PETA’s Version of the Creation Story.”

PETA, with the aid of the far-left ChatGPT AI, decided to create a much more sanitized version of the Bible. Cain isn’t a murderer, Nimrod stops being a hunter, Hagar is a chef, a dog takes the place of Isaac on Mount Moriah and there is no sacrifice, Pharaoh’s butler and baker both live, and Pharaoh’s dreams involve vegan preaching, not the famine responsible for reuniting Jacob’s family.

Dailysignal.com reports: Somewhere between the AI and the wokescolds at PETA, critical details got lost.

For instance, Rachel dies in childbirth with Joseph, rather than with his younger brother Benjamin (Genesis 35), and Benjamin miraculously appears as an elder brother to Joseph. Cain—still the villain of the story—sacrifices animal flesh to God while Abel sacrifices plants, which represents a reversal of the biblical story in which Abel sacrifices his prized sheep. PETA might as well have made Abel the villain, especially since it decided to scrap the murder, anyway.

Most of the main characters—who have rather tremendous flaws in the original version of Genesis—are all morally spotless priests of the vegan religion here, preaching the virtues of soy and almond milk. They go from place to place, spreading the gospel of treating animals like people, and occasionally the animals speak on their own accord. (At one point, camels decide among themselves to teach the uneducated humans, but then decide just to travel with them, instead.)

Joseph’s brothers still decide to kidnap and sell their brother out of jealousy, but they also wouldn’t dare harm a goat to dip his multicolored coat in goat’s blood. Instead, they use beet juice. Yes, they contemplate murdering their own brother, but God forbid they touch an animal.

Meanwhile, Enosh draws the short end of the stick. Rather than living for 905 years (Genesis 5:11), Enosh lives for a measly 50.

“Enosh consumed the flesh of animals and thereby committed the ultimate sin, leading to a shortened life of shame, weakness, ignorance, and illness,” the Bible according to PETA intones.

PETA’s extensive liberties with the biblical text lack any coherent rationale. While the animal rights group scraps the sacrifice of Isaac and Pharaoh’s dreams willy-nilly, and frequently uses extremely modern colloquial phrases such as “totally ripped,” it preserves small details such as obscure place names and archaic words to give the “modernized” text some biblical flavor. It strains to maintain the same chapters as Genesis, even while gutting so many story details that whole “chapters” amount to five paragraphs.

It seems that whoever at PETA rewrote Genesis lost interest after the first few chapters, letting AI do the rest. (By far the best part of the entire book is God’s quips during the six days of creation in which he says, “Let there be Meatless Monday!”) Yet even AI cannot explain how PETA managed to make a truly riveting book such as Genesis so darn boring.

Americans who actually read the original version of the Bible may marvel at just how little preaching it actually does. Genesis as we know it, in particular, narrates personal stories—often featuring rather embarrassing gory details. The story of how Jacob got 12 sons is downright disturbing, as is the idea that Sarah effectively would force her servant onto Abraham, just so he can finally have a son. Jacob tricks his father so he can steal the blessing from his older brother, and let’s not even get into how Judah finally ends up with a living son.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob don’t always come across as the most admirable people—and that’s part of the point. God makes these relatable, flawed characters into a great nation, and their flaws matter because they highlight God’s work through them.

The author of Genesis isn’t just trying to tell a good story, he’s trying to record how these people actually lived, and that’s one of the reasons Genesis turns out to be an excellent book.

Meanwhile, PETA packs its pseudo-biblical pages with nonstop, screechy preaching. How does Abel convince Cain to stop killing and eating animals? He explains that Cain “could become totally ripped by eating plants.” What do the people of Sodom do that leads God to destroy them? They try to force Lot’s guests to eat “our carcinogenic meats and cholesterol bombs.” Why does Sarah laugh with incredulity by the oaks of Mamre? Not because she doubts God’s promise that she will have a son in her old age but because she doubts that “she shall being forth many more [vegan] feasts.”

While the stories in Genesis focus on various struggles with God and with others, PETA’s version reads like a broken record. Many chapters follow the heroes—Abraham, Sarah, Rebekah, Jacob, and Joseph—as they go from place to place, preaching that vegan food tastes better, that plant-based clothes feel better and don’t smell, and that animals such as chickens and sheep have complex emotions. Few of the characters grow beyond a surface-level conversion from eating animals—a change that only requires one or two heroes preaching at them for a couple lines of cringey “dialogue.”

Perhaps the most galling theological change centers on a “fur baby,” an animal that Abraham treats like his own child. Chapter 21, which mimics the structure of Genesis 21, focuses on Abraham and Sarah adopting a dog named Herbie. The text suggests that the patriarch and his wife love Herbie more than their actual son, Isaac, whose promised birth to Sarah in her old age is a cornerstone of Judaism and Christianity.

“Who would have said unto Abraham and I that we, being blessed with a child, would find even more joy in providing a loving home for this wonderful dog, Herbie?” Sarah asks. “As they walked with Herbie, Sarah and Abraham thought about the importance of adopting dogs from shelters or rescue organizations rather than purchasing them from breeders or pet shops. … And verily, the slogan ‘Adopt—Don’t Shop’ blossomed in Sarah’s heart, and she and Abraham repeated it to each other.”

This subversion continues in the next chapter, where PETA scraps the entire story of God’s asking Abraham to sacrifice son Isaac on Mount Moriah, only to save him at the last minute—a central passage that Christians believe prefigures the crucifixion of Jesus. In PETA’s version of Genesis 22, God asks Abraham to take Herbie to Mount Moriah, and then only introduces them both to a lamb named Leroy, which they befriend.

These two chapters explain why PETA’s animal rights ideology differs so strikingly from Christianity. The original Bible clearly contrasts animals from humans, who are made in God’s image and to whom he gives dominion over the living things on Earth. God promises Abraham that he will become a great nation, but that nationhood becomes possible only through Abraham’s promised son Isaac, and God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice that promised son.

PETA’s preaching can’t compete with the richness of this inspired story, and in doing so, the animal rights wokescolds reveal just how empty their ideology truly is.

I asked PETA for a response to criticism about its decision to rewrite the Bible, and the animal rights group provided the following statement:

Over the years, there have been many editions and versions of the Bible, of course, but The Book: PETA’s Version of the Creation Story is simply a modern version of Genesis, updated to reflect society’s new understanding of animals as feeling, intelligent individuals, capable of joy, love, fear, and suffering, who exist for their own reasons and not for humans to exploit. We’re delighted that it’s sparking discussion—we believe it will resonate with young people who might be puzzled, confused, and even discouraged by certain old uses of language that no longer reflect our sensitivities and knowledge today and will offer some food for thought about treating all living, feeling beings with dignity, kindness, and respect.

If the Bible according to PETA is “a modern version of Genesis,” modernity is very sad indeed.


  1. CHINAmerican NOW.These fake Distractional PUppets have you all going while CHINA buys up american&the world.

  2. Correct tooYou do not need yo eat any flesh from animals poultry fish seafood .
    I grew up eating standard meat s seafood s, because my parents were heathen, Catholic and protestant, who were church schooled so knew nothing of the Bible. Really. Anyway when I was old enough to be in control of what was on my plate I stopped eating living creatures and can assure you that you just to not need them At all. I’ve eaten none fir decades and there’s no ill effects.

    • And I understand that in the past they didn’t have market gardens or fridges so couldn’t store fruit or vegies for long whereas they could salt meat ,but now we are advanced and can buy frozen canned veggies even .We don’t need to live like cavemen still .And now a sheep isn’t a symbol of our most highly valued possession either Money is and so let’s see them who claim to be Jesus haters start saying we don’t want your sacrificial dollars.

  3. It only stands to reason…. those that lie and love lies have been rewriting dictionaries for decades.

  4. From Wikipedia: “The Wicked Bible, sometimes called the Adulterous Bible or the Sinners’ Bible, is an edition of the Bible published in 1631 by Robert Barker and Martin Lucas, the royal printers in London, meant to be a reprint of the King James Bible. The name is derived from a mistake made by the compositors: in the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:14, the word “not” was omitted from the sentence ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ causing the verse to instead read ‘Thou shalt commit adultery.'”

    I would call PETA’s version “The Wicked, Wretched, and Stupid Bible.”

  5. If it is true they are changing the Bible, they did themselves in for sure. Their reign will not last much longer.

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