Activists renew calls on UK MPs to ‘save Palestinian lives’

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Activists renew calls on UK MPs to ‘save Palestinian lives’

British MPs are under mounting pressure to stand for the rights of Palestinians in a parliamentary debate on the ongoing tensions in the West Bank.

Press TV reports: The parliament is set to convene on December 1 to discuss the rising tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories. This, in response to an online campaign which managed to gather over 124, 000 signatures from British citizens.

The petition has called on the British establishment to make efforts toward “saving lives” and resolving the conflict.

In line with that, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been asking the public to urge their representatives in the House of Commons to attend the debate.

“That will be the second debate in the matter of weeks demanding that justice is achieved and recognized by the British government. Everyday there are questions being asked in the parliament by supporters of Palestine,” Betty Hunter, the Honorary General Secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign told Press TV.

“I think what the vote represents is the recognition by our elected representatives that the people who vote for them are demanding they stand up for justice for the Palestinians,” Hunter said in an interview with Press TV from the Welsh city of Abergavenny.

The activists want the MPs to call on the UK government to pressure Israel to “stop demolishing Palestinians’ homes and violently repressing legitimate protests”, which have been gaining momentum in recent weeks.

“We have hugely leaped forward in persuading the elected representatives, members of parliament, to take the issue of the Palestinian rights and the need for the Palestinian state very seriously,” the Honorary General Secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign added in her interview with Press TV.

The group has also been putting pressure on the UK government to end trade with companies involved in settlement projects in the occupied West Bank.

On October 13, the UK parliament voted in favor of recognizing the Palestinian state.

That debate, Hunter describes as “exceptional”, demonstrating to the government “that things have changed.”

According to the pro-Palestinian activist, the British public has changed dramatically over the past ten years and “has moved so significantly that the MPs will have to take a different stance if they want to continue to be elected. I think eventually the government will be forced to change its policies.”

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